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August 16, 2017
My second novel is written!!
September 7, 2017

I have just returned from a two-week holiday and I had a decision to make while I was away. I had to decide whether to shut the business down temporarily or to continue writing. Writing while on holiday has positives and negatives. I was always going to be in touch with emails and telephone calls, so that side of my work wouldn’t build up. But the writing side of things was something else altogether.

Writing gets better as you spend more time doing it. I write every day and it becomes –

  • Easier to get into a routine
  • More fluid writing style
  • Better quality of work

But the decision of whether to write or not on my holiday was one of personal choice – not of artistic benefit. I have been to the Canary Islands and the heat of the sun in the middle of the day can be quite stifling. This is the time the shops are closed and many of the locals are having a siesta. I chose to use this time to write.

Writing in short spurts

It meant that I would have a couple of hours a day to catch up on any correspondence and then to work on what I was doing This is a very different dynamic to the way I usually write. I often write from early in the morning to around 5pm with short breaks in between to keep me fresh. But with freshness not an issue, I could focus on writing a lot in these short periods of time. A couple of hours isn’t enough for the brain to fade, so I was able to write everything I had planned and more every day I was on holiday.

It was enjoyable to work in this way, and I hope to incorporate it in how I produce quality content in the future. Writing one or two small projects in a short space of time is rewarding. You stay in the moment and all of the energy created goes into completing one thing. This can work for you if you find writing for your business a chore. Putting aside a short space of time can really help you to focus and produce one piece of work a day.

Marrying this with longer projects

I have been working long term on writing my second novel. One of the pains of this is the fact that it takes months, if not longer, to produce a novel. This one is around 125,000 words and has taken 4 months so far. The main body of the content is written. It’s just a case of editing this into a work that I am totally happy with. Once this is done, I will create a synopsis and send to literary agents to see if I can gain their support.

I incorporated this into the days of my holiday. I edited between 10 and 15 pages per day to get my work in the place I require. There is something serene about editing that sits perfectly with a holiday. Sitting on the balcony of my room with a drink beside me and the heat of the sun beating down only a few feet away from me feels like heaven. I wish I could do all my writing and editing in this way. Maybe when this one is written and the publishing houses come knocking at my door. Maybe…

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