Whats its like to be a writer’s wife ?

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May 4, 2014
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May 8, 2014

I asked my wife the question the other day –

Whats its like to be a writer’s wife?

I think that it really helps those around you to understand what they are letting themselves in for when you start on the path to be a content writer. Writing content can be all-consuming. You can think about it all day, while you are supposed to be doing other things and during the night as well.

If you have a particularly interesting or a particularly complicated piece of work to write then it can take up your every thought. I thought I’d get down her thoughts so you know what you  might be letting your loved ones in for if you embark on a career of writing full time.

“Well you love their creativity, you love hearing about what stories they are writing or what sales pages they are doing for their clients. You listen attentively about the the sales pages/websites they are doing for their weird and wonderful clients while cleaning or doing making dinner with an interested expression on your face!”

This is a support thing that all writers need. I think that to have someone that you can bounce ideas off or just someone that will listen while you talk about it really helps you to create. I am also a ghostwriter so it can help with stories to talk through potential plot lines or character formation.

“You are their support, their sounding board, their sponge – you take all their words, though it sounds silly to you and help them put into some sort of order.  You are their proof reader, editor, you make suggestions or give them ideas on how to improve.”

Some of this started for me when I did some work for a client. They asked me to write about a complicated linguistic theory and I told them that I couldn’t write it in complex terms. They told me that they wanted ordinary people to be able to read and understand. I get my wife to read things and let me kn ow if they make sense. When you are lost in a piece of work then it is easy to lose your objectivity.

“If you have a young family, take the kids out to give the writer peace, your husband needs solitude to help him write, it also gives you and the kids time out too!”

It helps to have somewhere to be away from people and work but that is not always possible. Having someone to take the kids somewhere and develop that time of peace is a real help. Especially in the Summer holidays when they are off school for 6 weeks.

“Remember this is their dream if they have given up full time work to do this, give them all the support and encouragement they need.  A cup of tea with out them asking, a pat on the back when they have completed a big work load, all in all just be there for them. Don’t take it to heart if they dismiss some or all of your ideas, its part of their creative process.”

All of this really helps. As with any job you need the support of others around you as much as possible. We are in this together as a team to get the most from the process.

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