You can write your content wherever you are

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November 24, 2016
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December 2, 2016

I’m writing this in a coffee shop. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise for you. I’m sure we’ve all been in Costa, Starbucks or another coffee shop and seen people on their laptop tapping away at wherever work they are catching up on. It happens in many places, even a Wetherspoons or a McDonalds. It’s the wi-fi that draws people. In fact there’s two other people working in here as I type. It is an easy and convenient way to get some work done and as long as you buy a drink then the staff don’t mind you getting out your laptop or even giving it a charge if needed. You can write your content wherever you are if you set your mind to it.

The reason I’m telling you this?

I get asked all the time about content. I get asked god to fit it into a day or where to write it. Well you can write content wherever you are. The inspiration for your content can come from many places. And it can be written in many places too. The place where you write your content doesn’t have to be sat at your desk. We do many others aspects of business while we are on the move and content need not be any different. Your content needs to feel as though it was written in the real world and there is nothing more real world than getting out there into the real world! The four walls of your office can be stifling place for creativity. You can write your content wherever you are and get ahead.

Make the most of your time

In fact writing in different places helps you to come up with new ideas, new inspirations and new content. I have written four of my books while sat on the bus on the way to work when I used to write part-time. That’s over 40,000 words written a few hundred at a time sat on the bus. This has given me the outlet to publish my books without having to find any more time in my day. That time was already there – the bus was a place where I was already going to sit and either look out of the window or play with my phone. Why not make use of that wasted time? You can write your content wherever you are because it is effective and efficient.

There is nothing to stop you writing wherever you are. A few hundred words on your smartphone while waiting for the kids to come out from school, a few hundred words on your tablet while you are watching television or a few hundred words between appointments while you have the inspiration.

Being on a busy place like a coffee shop doesn’t have to stop the creative process. We all have customers so seeing how the coffee shop customers are served and how they interact can give you ideas about what might work for your customers. Having content on your website really helps you to give your audience an insight into what your company does and what they stand for. Your customers will love to hear your thoughts.

You can write your content wherever you are

If you need help planning your content or having it written then please get in touch. We can give you advice on how to connect with your customers and how this can improve your business. You can write your content wherever you are because that is what we do as writers.

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