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August 8, 2017
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August 15, 2017

It sounds a little like a song lyric – “Write about places you’ve never been.” Maybe it should be followed with – “Write about faces you’ve never seen,” or the like. But for me, there are always times that you will need to write about something that you have no experience of. You can end up writing about –

  • A new produce or service that you have never experienced
  • A location that you haven’t visited
  • People you have never met
  • Ideas that haven’t been fully formed

I write for businesses and help them produce content that needs to relate ideas and feel different. But some of these businesses are not in my field of expertise. To deal with this lack of knowledge, I do my research. Those of you that have followed what I write will know that I concentrate on researching –

  • The business
  • Their competitors
  • Their customers

So without an in-depth knowledge of a company, I am able to understand them and produce content that will serve their needs.

So how do you understand a place you’ve never visited?

There are different ways of making this happen. Because I am a creative writer as well (novel number 2 was completed yesterday – now the editing to go!) I am able to think creatively about the work I do for my content clients. I can look at the issues their customers might face and write something interesting and compelling that covers the needs of the business too. Your customers have certain needs and wants that they have to satisfy. Without you letting them know that you occupy their space, this connection isn’t going to fully develop.

The best way to understand a place you haven’t visited is to go there. Travelling to where your customers might be is a fantastic way of understanding their space. Think about the type of questions you get asked most often. These are the things that your customers want the answers to. Why not address them in the form of a blog? The results might surprise you. People look for an expert in their field. There is no better way to show this than to write information that can solve their problems and make them feel great – not just about themselves, but about you too.

Research is the key

So much of this comes from research. If you know your competitors and, particularly, your customers then you start from the perfect position. Gaining feedback and testimonials is the ideal way to think about your business. Ask your regular customers why them come to you. The responses can help you to frame what you do and think about how you can communicate this to others who you might want to work with in the future, through –

  • Your website content
  • Your social media
  • Your blogs
  • All your other communication

Your content is an amazing way to interact with customers. It opens doors and lets the lines of communication flow. A business that shows their customers they understand and care is far more attractive than one that doesn’t make the same effort. Think about how you are seen via your content and it can change the relationships you build with your market – for the better. This will allow you to write about places you’ve never been and promote your business in a manner that people find engaging and useful.

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