Why writing a business book can help you to make more sales

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September 6, 2016
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September 16, 2016

Why writing a business book can help you to make more sales

Writing can open a lot of doors. Companies want to be able to connect with more customers and sell more. That’s a simple fact of business. But did you know that a business book can really help you to make more sales? As a business book writer North East I get to help a lot of local people tell their story. I am here to show you why writing a business book can help you to make more sales for your business.

Let’s look at an example. If you are an estate agent and you want to take on more properties then a book can help. Most home sellers will get three estate agents round to their property when they want to sell. Each estate agent says pretty much the same things, gives a valuation and tells the seller how much they will charge. It is difficult to differentiate. But say you have produced an eBook called ‘How To Sell Your Home’ or similar. You give this away free to all who –

  • Subscribe on your website
  • Call you round for a valuation
  • Follow you on social media

Then you have differentiated your service. You are the estate agent that has given something away for free. You are the estate agent that has helped the client before even being instructed. You will get more instructions. This is why writing a business book can help you to make more sales time after time.

And it doesn’t just work for estate agents. Just about any business can give away an eBook that will attract customers.

This is what writing a business book can do-

Establish you as an authority or expert

Once you have written a book then you take on the role of authority figure in your area of expertise. A business book writer North East can help you to get to this level. Customers will follow you on social media and be more likely to buy your products. You look and sound like someone who knows what they are talking about. Would you rather choose the recruitment consultant that looks like they’ve just come out of school or the one that has their own book available that can help you to find talent? See why writing a business book can help you to make more sales as an expert.

You can give it away to attract customers

An eBook is a great giveaway. You can use it to gain subscribers for an email newsletter or to grow your social media following. People love to receive something for free and many who receive it will reward you with their custom. Once you start to build a subscriber base or a social media following then you you can hit them with more great content and transform followers into customers. It helps people to understand what you do and what you can do for them.

Differentiate your service

As we saw in the example above with the estate agent you need to stand out in this competitive business world. If you don’t look any different to your rivals then you will struggle to generate business. If you can offer something that others can’t then you will win more business. People want to work with those that are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. Writing a book on the subject is the perfect way to show that passion and knowledge.

Why writing a business book can help you to make more sales

I know that not everyone has the time or skills to write their own book. There are not enough hours in the day sometimes. I can help! I write business books for professionals that want to make more sales. Get in touch and we can look at the different ways to get a book out there that will help you develop your business.

You can look at writing your own non-fiction book with my guide, available now-

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