Why you should mention your location in your content

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October 10, 2017
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October 17, 2017

One of the easiest ways to get the most power from what you write for your business is to mention your location in your content every time.  On of the reasons to write for your business is to gain new customers – but these might not turn into people who buy your product or service if they are not local to you. I mention the fact that I am a Durham content writer so people who come across my content online will know whether I am local to them. It creates a further connection that with someone who might be reading from another part of the world. For a writer this is a nice thing to add – for a profession such as a plumber or roofer this is vital information. A roofer in Durham isn’t likely to be working with clients in Sydney or Kuala Lumpur.

So as you mention your location in your content it place you in the big picture of the world. Lawyers have different rules to follow in different regulatory structures. You wouldn’t want a US lawyer representing you in a UK court of law fort example. They may not know all the laws, don’t have the experience and might not even be allowed to represent you in the first place. You could find clients that like what you have to say, but would never be in a position to buy from you or even recommend you. That’s why you should mention your location in your content – it connects you to the right people.

The vanity of followers vs. the reality of paying customers

One place that many small businesses go to generate an income is Twitter. You can pick up a few hundred or even a few thousand connections in a very short space of time on the platform. But so many of these followers could be of no use to your business in terms of converting from a follower to a customer. Twitter has a vanity element of the number of followers and people include tags like #followback to entice more followers but unless those engagements are meaningful there isn’t a great deal of point. I make sure that I have Durham content writer as part of my profile so others can see where about in the world I’m located.

If you are on Twitter, it might be time to conduct an audit of where you are and what it all means to you. If you find that you have followers from all over the world, then you might want to consider if that fits your business profile. I use Twitter to connect to people that are in the same industry as me, and to share ideas. I don’t think that it will ever bring me a massive amount of business. It’s just a nice place to be and share. Even with Twitter, you should mention your location in your content so you can make more of the right local connections.

If you want to know more about how your content can engage your audience then get in touch. I am a Durham content writer who loves to help local businesses, but I can and do work worldwide with people.

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