Why You Never See Content Writing That Actually Works

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November 2, 2017
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Writing the perfect sales page
November 21, 2017
Why You Never See Content Writing That Actually Works

It is a common problem. There is a huge amount of content out there, but it doesn’t work often enough. The reason? People think that they need to produce a piece of content, rather than plan the content for its results. How many people think one of the following?

  • We haven’t posted on Facebook for a while, lets put something up
  • The latest news looks a bit sparse, I’ll paste this article in
  • I don’t use Twitter often enough, I’ll send a few now

Your content doesn’t look planned or organised if you do it in this way. Believe me, the people you are ‘talking to’ will notice this too. Look at the accounts you engage with regularly on social media, or the websites where you have subscribed to their newsletter. What do they have in common? They all have a content marketing plan. they all follow a pattern. they all build a picture.
Content writing - why does it go wrong?

How can I keep up with this?

It looks like a lot of hard work from the outsider, but doesn’t need to be. have you heard of the following phrase?

Work on your business as well as in your business

Looking after your digital presence is all a part of this. I would say that around 25% to 35% of my time is spent on dealing with this across all of the platforms I use and businesses I represent. And all of this is part of an overall plan. I know what I want to say, and pretty much who I want to say it to.

This makes things far easier. there are scores of social media sites and places to market what I do. I could spend ten hours a day or more trying to find people in all of these places. But none of us have this time. So I look in the right places. I am mainly a B2B provider, so LinkedIn really works well for me. Twitter connects me to the wider world. I also like the functionality on Pinterest. So these are the 3 places I spend most of my time, when marketing through digital means.

And all of them point back to my website.

The fact that people don’t have a plan for their content, and they don’t direct people back to their website are the two reasons that you never see content writing that actually works.

Think about how this can work for you. If you want to discuss then get in touch or call on 07789 238 202.

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