Why isn’t my content working?

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January 7, 2017
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January 20, 2017

As a County Durham content writer I am often asked by my clients ‘ Why isn’t my content working ?’ Sometimes it can feel like all you have to do is get your website or blog filled with content and it will help your business. As you produce more and more content you should get all the benefits that this brings-

  • Moving up the Google search rankings
  • More visitors
  • More sales
  • More interest in what you have to say

But don’t forget that the internet is filled with millions of people just like you that are looking for attention for their content to drive their business forward or to get more recognition. You may have a lot of words on your website but it isn’t just the number of words that makes a difference. It is the quality of what you have to say.

What can I do to change?

The first thing you need to consider is what happens with your content. When you upload something to the internet hen the Google search bots will look at it and analyse it to see how relevant it is to their search terms and how highly they will rank you. This takes some time so don’t expect an overnight success from your content. Where your content appears in searches will depend on the words you use and the frequency of those words. If you are trying to rank under the search term –

“County Durham content writer”

Then you will need to use the term several times in your content (not so much that it feels like spam) and this should ideally be used in the middle of sentences and for best effect in a title as well. As long as the words flow quite freely and don’t feel as though they have been stuffed into your writing to meet SEO guidelines then you should stand a good chance of it making an impact with search engines. You have to ask the question ‘ Why isn’t my content working ?’ to move forwards with this.

Then what?

It is all well and good moving up the search rankings but if the content is of no use to people then they will pass over it quickly and probably never return. To this end your content needs to give something away to the reader that they find either-

  • Interesting
  • Useful
  • Entertaining
  • A combination of the above

These are the key drivers to whether a reader will react to what you have written, share it with others and come back again. If you want people to read your content and then buy from you then you need to keep them on your site for longer. Engaging content that encourages someone to read on and return is far more likely to get a result than something written purely to move up the Google search rankings. Think about what you would want to hear as a website visitor and try to incorporate that into your content. Then ask ‘Why isn’t my content working ?’ to see what you can do about it.

Why isn’t my content working?

If you ask yourself the question ‘ Why isn’t my content working ?, then you need to get in touch. We can help you to plan your content so it hits the right spot or we can write it for you. Either way you get the knowledge and professionalism that we have built up for your website and your visitors.

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