Why Hire a Content Writer ?

Marketing as a Content Writer - yu should be working
Marketing as a Content Writer
December 5, 2018
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December 19, 2018
why hire a content writer

As a business owner you have enough expense, from taxes to pension contributions for your team. With all of this on your plate, why would you hire a content writer at all?  After all –

  • What difference would a few words make to your business?
  • How much are they worth?
  • Surely someone in your team could do it for you?
  • Why hire a content writer?

Let’s take a look at what it might mean to your business and your online presence. New businesses are failing at an alarming rate, so why would they risk their hard-earned cash on someone to write for them? Let’s take a look at why hire a content writer.

why hire a content writer - content is king

They Give a Different Perspective

You may think that you know your own business inside out. And there is a case for that. But standing in the middle of your business looking out is very different from standing outside looking in. A content writer can see the little things that can make a big difference. They will look at your customers and your competitors in particular to see the connections that can be made.

And this turns heads. When you find a quality content writer then you put the writing for your business in the hands of someone else. But those hands are safe and will craft content that shows your customers and prospects why they should choose you. This is massive and is a great first answer to why hire a content writer as a question.

They Ensure Your Website Stays Fresh

One of the areas that you might think about investing cash is in Google – and we’re not talking about making an investment on the stock market! SEO is something that many business owners talk about. And the driving force behind a great SEO result is the content on your site.

It needs to do a few things –

  • Let Google know what you do (for example accountant)
  • Also let Google know where you do it (for example accountant in Newcastle)
  • Be relevant for the searchers (in our example, actually be for an accountant in Newcastle)
  • Stay fresh (new content uploaded regularly)

why hire a content writer - SEO is important

If you are asking the question ‘why hire a content writer ?’ then you might just have found another compelling answer. A content writer can and will help you with all of these. They will have a grasp of the way Google wants your content to look and the results can make a huge difference to your search engine ranking. This can connect your business with a stack of customers that just don’t know you are there right now.

A Content Writer Produces Your Content (Surprisingly!)

Let’s face it – your content is pretty much at the bottom of your to-do list. There are often a hundred and one different things that take up your time and attention. Content sits at the bottom of the list and often falls off the list altogether. Why hire a content writer ? Well, without one your content often doesn’t ever get done.

If you can see the importance pf content from the first two areas of this blog, then you will want to ensure that it happens every week, every fortnight, every month or whatever other frequency you have decided works for your business. A content writer will hit those deadlines for you time and time again. You don’t have to set aside tome for it or feel guilty that you have missed out. Let someone else take the strain.

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