Why editing is important for your content

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March 16, 2017
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March 21, 2017

As a North East England content writer I am asked a lot about what makes great content. One of the biggest areas that can make your content great is editing it. Think about why editing is important for your content and you will see the answers. When I write, the first thing I do after writing is leave it alone. I walk away for a while and maybe have a cup of tea. If it is a short article then I might go back to it after ten minutes and re-read what I have. If it something longer then I often go back the next day to take a look at it. The important thing is for any writer that you take time away from what you have written before you return. It gives you the chance to make improvements. Don’t see this as a lack of quality on your behalf. See this as your chance to refine what you have written.

Why do writers go back and edit?

The more I have studied writing, the more I have been exposed to the editing process. many novelists write over a course of months but take even longer to edit their words into something they can publish. They read what they have put down on paper to check for several things –

  • Spelling and grammar accuracy
  • Consistency in the storyline
  • To ensure that they have not repeated themselves
  • Their view might have changed

So all of this comes together to have an influence on the written word. Even in a small post like this, I have to check that I am not making the same point twice, that I am consistent in what I say and that I am not making the same point twice. (I have left this in just to see which of you are actually reading this carefully!) This is one of the reasons why editing is important for your content to look its best.

Why is it important for you?

If you are writing for your business, then you want to give off the best impression possible. You will only really get one chance with this. If your reader loses the narrative or gives up because you take forever to make a point then you lose them. And you lose them forever. they won’t decide to come back to it and see if you have regained the ability to engage them. They walk away and never return.

Content is powerful but people don’t often enough see the potential power of bad content. It is about the things that are missing. Great content is read. Great content is liked (in the internet, Facebook meaning of the word) and great content is shared. This gets your message out there to a much wider audience.

Poor content isn’t read. So it has no influence over the person who has clicked on to your website. It isn’t liked (in any sense of the word) and isn’t shared at all. This means that it has no power. Your content doesn’t go anywhere. Even if it is SEO optimised and launches your website up the Google rankings, it isn’t use when it reaches there. It does nothing for your business whatsoever.

Why editing is important for your content

Think about your content. If you need to talk to a North East England content writer then get in touch with me. I will help you figure out what you want your content to do, and how to make it happen. The work that you produce will have been through several editing processes before you set it free on the public. Think about why editing is important for your content to get the most from what you do.

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