Where is the best place to write content ?

Content marketing for solicitors
Content marketing for solicitors
May 1, 2018
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May 23, 2018
Where is the best place to write content ?

There are many ideas on the best place to write content for your business. Producing high quality content can transform the way you are seen online. Content is powerful. You will rise up the Google searches in terms of SEO as well as find a greater connection with those that read what you have to say. And if you want these benefits then you must find the best place to sit and write. Whether it feels good or feels like a chore, the writing you do for your business is essential. Here is a guide to some of the choices in search of the best place to write content for your business –

Your office or place of work

In search of the ideal place to write content you could make time in the office to produce. This would usually mean making time in the day to enable this. Your office is a space that you know better than anyone else. You should ask yourself a few questions –

  • Can I write there without distraction?
  • Will I deliver my best work there?
  • Will I actually write there and not let it fall by the wayside?

One of the dangers of writing ion your normal work space is that you don’t get it done. You get side-tracked by all of the things that normally happen in the office. The best content is written quickly, so a place free of distractions works well.

Where is the best place to write content ?

A coffee shop or local café

There is something to be said about walking away from your place of work to sit in a coffee shop and writing. Sure, there are a number of distractions but these are not work distractions on the whole. If you are interrupted by the phone, then stick it on silent for half an hour and sit down to write. You don’t have to write reams of words for the content your business needs, so write a few hundred quality words an d then click the ‘publish’ button.

You can find a coffee shop near you and this might be the best place to write content for your business. You can get away from work for a short while and tap into your creative side. Give it a go!

At home?

When thinking about the best place to write content for your business, home might not appear at the top of your list. We work hard enough as it is. We bring enough work home. We really don’t want to being any more, especially if it causes stress. Even so, there is something to be said about writing a few words at home before or after the work day.

Content is valuable to your business and deserves some attention. If this only comes from writing at home then this could be a worthwhile way to spend half an hour a week. That’s really all you need if you are going to publish a weekly blog. Restrict it to that half an hour and no more. That way you know it won’t eat into your work life balance.

Where is the best place to write content ? Work life balance

Where is the best place to write content ?

So, the question remains – where is the best place to write content ? The truth of the matter is that the best place is one that suits you. If you have tried one of the above and found It wasn’t perfect, then try another. The time of day is another factor in your productivity. I find that early in the morning is the best time or me. But that might not work for you.

If you want to talk about your content then pick up the phone on 07789 238 202 or contact us. We love to talk about content marketing and could help you to find that perfect place to write your content.

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