What type of content do I need for my business?

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February 13, 2017
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February 17, 2017

As a County Durham content writer I am often asked by others what type of content is needed to help a business move forward. There are many different kinds of content but people want to know what will bring them the greatest impact. If you are putting content out there it needs to be effective. You often only get one chance to impress a potential customer so what they read needs to hit the spot first time. Her is my take on the question ‘ What type of content do I need for my business ?’

The the main areas that you can deliver content that will have the biggest impact and give you the best chance of seeing a return for your time.

Website content

Your website is the place where most of your potential customers will go to see what you are all about. The content on your website should tell your story. You want it to engage people and persuade them to find out more. Too many businesses have a website but don’t monitor what it is doing for them. If you have an internet presence then you want it to work hard for you. This is the first thing people think of when asking the question ‘ What type of content do I need for my business ?’

Blogs and articles

Blogs are the ideal way to speak to your audience. They give information and add something personal to the way your business is seen online. Along with articles they do several things –

  • Establish you as an expert in what you do
  • Let people know something they didn’t already know
  • Show the world what you are all about

When you use blogs to their full extent you are generating a following of people that will come back to your website time after time. This gives you a great opportunity to convert them into buying customers.

Business letters

Everything you write, send or publish should be considered for its marketing merit. Even a simple invoice can contain some strong marketing messages if worded correctly. Make sure all of your correspondence speaks volumes about your business. Template letters can be formed so they build contact and generate confidence. Get these written up to reinforce the values and message that you have elsewhere.

Social Media

Most businesses large and small have a social media presence in some way or another. But like the website, people don’t really question if it is bringing them any real benefit. Think about what you want it to do and you can change the way it is received. Your social media should give enough for people to want to read more. Get it to refer back to your website and you can generate more traffic. If toy are wondering ‘ What type of content do I need for my business ?’ then you now have a big answer.

Tender proposals

Local councils and other organisations often put contracts out to tender and the best proposal wins. This is not about who can come up with the cheapest price but about who can convince that they can get the job done in the right way. If you are struggling with your tenders then it can be about much more than cutting your price. Think about the effect that your words will have on the person reading it. Too many tenders are written in an unprofessional way. Get it right and you can win big contracts.

What type of content do I need for my business ?

If you want someone to talk to about your content in County Durham beyond then get in touch. I can help you to plan your content for the future or write it for you. Make sure that you get content that really speaks volumes about your business and see the return. There are many different areas that you will need to think about when planning your business content. If you want to talk this over with someone them call 07789 238 202.

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