What should your content say?

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April 28, 2014

What should your content say

The word content is used in relation top marketing and the internet all the time. People are told that they need content and it will change the way that their website operates but it is a little more complicated than that. Just to throw content at a website and assume (or even hope) that it will work isn’t a strategy that I would recommend. You need to do a few things first before you get to the stage of writing your content or having someone else write it for you. You need to get your thinking cap on to make sure your content achieves what you want from it. Here are the ways to get your content working for you-

Plan it out before

To get your content working you need to consider what you want it to do.

If you don’t have a set plan in mind from the start then how do you measure success?

If you don’t know what you want from your content then you can’t really write with any conviction that is will help you. Content for the sake of content will actually have more chance of harming your website than it will of doing it any good. Think about where you want your website to improve-

  • Is it in the way it is read by people?
  • Does it get you enough visitors but you want to convert more?
  • Do you want it to get you up the search rankings such as Google?

Once you know what yo want to achieve then you have a starting point for what you need to do.

Think about relevant and achievable keywords

Keywords are another phrase that is passed around all the time. As a content writer County Durham I am often asked to help answer the question what should your content say to work? They can really help your website but again you need to know what you want to achieve. For example, if you are a company that installs kitchens in County Durham then relevant keywords might be –

“Kitchen County Durham”

“Kitchen installers County Durham”

 But you need to look at the competition and make sure that you are trying to achieve something that you can actually do. Some websites might think that they should go big and look to achieve high search rankings in a bigger area to increase sales. So they might look for keywords such as-


“Kitchen installers”

“Kitchens UK”

They might end up gearing all of their efforts into hitting a massive market and find that the big national companies have this already sown up and all of their content goes to waste. That is what I mean by selecting relevant and achievable keywords.

Give something away

Your readers need a reason to come back. If you fill your text with keywords and nothing else then two things will happen. Firstly Google and the other search engines will spot it as spam and you will sink down the SEO rankings. Secondly the people who click through will not get anything out of it. They will not come back. they will not share on social media. They will not recommend to a friend.

What you need to do with your content is give the reader something. They need to walk away from reading your content with something they didn’t have when they started reading it. Your readers need to feel like you have given something away. If you are selling a service then giving some ideas, hints and tips about that service will resonate really well with the audience.

So, what should your content say to deliver success?

I am an experienced content writer County Durham and I am here to help. If you want some advice on how to make you content fill all of the requirements above then get in touch. I will help you to plan it out and get the right content for your business.

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