What is the trail of your content?

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February 28, 2017
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March 4, 2017

Most people write something to publish on the internet and don’t think a great deal about what happens to it next. You have to consider ‘ What is the trail of your content ?’ Content is far too often seen as the end product and then people post it on their blog or their website and expect it to do all manner of wonders for their business or personal profile. ┬áBut content is not a static thing. It forms part of a trail – one that you want to lead to your sales page. Writing a blog post, for example and not prompting people to check out more details does kind of ask the question –

“Why did you write that blog post in the first place?”

To have joined up connections you need joined up content. One has to lead to another and the sum of these needs to have the purpose of driving people to buy your products or services. So the trail of content may not be linear but it should take in a lot of other influences on the way. Here is my guide to how you can make content work in ‘trail mode.’

Use hyperlinks

Refer people to other parts of your content empire in everything you write. A simple link to your sales page or your contact us page are a great start but I’m sure you can so better. Why not have suggested further reading at the bottom of an article? If you liked this then you may want to read…

When considering ‘ What is the trail of your content ?’ the hyperlinks will get people to leave that piece and move somewhere else. Think about the most appropriate place to send them. Use your social media presence in different ways. I always tweet my articles on this website and the blogs I write so people can come back to the main page and read it. From there, who knows? They may like whet they see, read on and buy. But if I didn’t give them the chance to do that then it would never happen.

Social media

I like to see people use social media imaginatively to help what they are trying to say. There are more sites out there now that allow you to engage a new audience or say something in a different way. Don’t just stick to the tried and tested Facebook and Twitter. You may find better traction on LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or a host of others. Do your research and find out what might suit your business best.

Your website is king

All of this has to point back to your website to drive sales. If you have a website, a blog, a social media account or any other form of content and it isn’t giving you back what you expect from it then speak to me. You don’t have to put a website out there and then wait and see if it is successful. You can put content in it and behind it that leads a trail back to where you want your visitors. I don’t just write content, I help people to plan the way that their content marketing will look for the next few weeks or months.

What is the trail of your content?

Make a difference with what you write and publish. Think about where you point people when you publish your content. Don’t be one of these people that spend their valuable time producing something that doesn’t being in the return that you need. It must send people to where you want them to go. For me, I want you to contact me after reading this to see how I can help you.

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