What does content do for my business ?

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January 18, 2017
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January 24, 2017

As a Durham content writer I am often asked what the point of content is. Many people will have heard of content or content marketing and think that it might be a buzzword or something that they can do themselves. But it isn’t always that way. I am often asked ‘ What does content do for my business ?’

The content that you produce is a bridge between you and your potential customers.

You have an idea about what your business does and how it can help people. But your potential customers have their own view of the world that doesn’t involve the way that you think. For a customer your product or service must-

  • Solve a problem that they have
  • Make their life easier
  • Save them time or money

To write about what you do in industry terms or jargon will switch off their attention and leave you with one less potential customer to speak to. The content that you have on your website needs to engage them, it needs to appeal to them and it needs to give them a further action. This might be to come back again, to get in touch with you or to subscribe to a newsletter or email. But at this stage you don’t need to sell to people. Take some time to build the relationship with them first and you will gain their trust. It is easier to sell when you have worked this way. If you do all of these things, then you are not thinking about the answer to the question ‘ What does content do for my business ?’ in the right way.

What do I say?

Really that is entirely up to you. People want to read something that interests them, entertains them or gives them advice. The best content gives something away to a potential client. After they get something for free form you they will understand that you are an expert in what you do and that you can be trusted with their needs.

Make sure that you have an authentic voice. People want to hear from you in your style rather than something that is copied and pasted into your website or written in a corporate tone. If they want a corporate to help them then they will go out and get one. They will more than likely want a local business that can offer a quality professional service. make sure that you fill that void. ‘What does content do for my business ?’ is the question that gets you thinking about things in a different way.

What does content do for my business ?

This is a big question – and one that you need an answer to. If you haven’t used the power of content to boost your business then you should start now. If you have any questions about your content then please get in touch. We can help you with an action plan to set you on the right course or write your content for you on a short term or long term basis. Whatever works for you.

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