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April 7, 2017
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April 27, 2017

I was on holiday last week in Lanzarote and the change of scenery was good for my writing. People don’t realise that writing can take a lot out of you. It is a job that I love and I wouldn’t change it for the world but writing the same things in the same place day after day does cause you to become tired. So a change of scenery, and writing a few different things was a great way to get away from it all. I only write for a couple of hours a day, as it was a family holiday, but it felt refreshed and  productive. I think that this was because the sun was shining, I was starting a new novel and the atmosphere was far more relaxed. I recommend to anyone that they take a look at writing in different places and at different times to really break it up and keep it fresh. I never sit and write all day because the work at the end of it won’t be at the same quality as the work at the beginning. If I take a few breaks then the work stays fresh.

End of an era (in a way)

This last week saw the end of something, but it also marked the beginning too. I have already said that I started my new novel when I was away on holiday. Well the start of the new was also the end of the old. My first novel was completed and edited when I returned from the sunshine and is available now as a paperback and Kindle book. I am very proud of the progress I have made with this book, and the link to the amazon page can be found at the bottom of this entry. Writing is a process that I find really enjoyable and I feel that I am able to offer the world something interesting. I will continue to write in all forms to go alongside the work I do for others. I love to write for others and this gives me the chance to keep it fresh and produce high quality content time after time.

Writing on my return

Once I got back home, there was a lot of writing waiting for me to complete. It was good to come back refreshed and ready to attack my work again. I have been writing for a security company, a property developer, some estate agents and others. The fact that my work is so varied is another reason I enjoy it so much and never feel stale. It helps me to deliver the best of my work to my clients week in, week out.

If you are another writer that wants to stay in touch or just ask a few questions then don’t hesitate. I love to speak to other writers as much as I can. It is all part of the writing process as far as I am concerned. We should collaborate rather than think about conflict. There is enough to go round!


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