Top 10 tips to make your content sizzle

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March 27, 2017
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March 31, 2017

I am often asked about how to make content its most effective. Quality content can really change your business, whether it is on your website, your blog or your social media. Here is my top ten tips to make your content sizzle –

10 – Think about the audience

Too many businesses write for themselves. They use the word ‘we’ a lot. This isn’t what people want to hear. They want to hear about how you can solve their problems. Use ‘you’ and see your interaction levels rise.

9 – Think about the style too

The place where your content is going to sit will dictate the style that it is written in. Your blog will allow for a more conversational style. Speak to your potential customers as friends. Don’t put them off with a formal tone.

8 – Plan it out

It is great to write off the cuff, but even better when your content is planned. Decide what you want it to do before you decide what you want it to say. Once you know the purpose of the content then it is much easier to write something that fits that purpose.

7 – Review it afterwards

Review and editing is really important. Rather than just write and publish, take a step back from the content. Ask someone else to read it through or come back to it later. You will spot errors and make sure it is fit for purpose in this way.

6 – Don’t be afraid to trash it

If you come back to your work and you just don’t like it then don’t use it. If it doesn’t serve the purpose then the time you spent writing it may feel wasted, but it is far better than publishing something that does your business no good. We are half way through the list of the top 10 tips to make your content sizzle and heading towards the top spot.

5 – Promote it like mad

Once you have taken the time and effort to write something then you want to get the word out there. Publish it on your website or blog and then promote it on your social media. Get people to read what you have written and give you feedback. If you want your writing to get better in the future then listen to what people are saying about it.

4 – Think about keywords – in  moderation

The keywords you use will help your content move up the Google rankings. But a page that is written purely for SEO will fail when it comes to the readability test. You need a balance of keywords and content that gets people to want to do business with you. Choose a keyword for a page and use only that. Don’t feel tempted to overload the page with search terms.

3 – Think about like, share and comment

Your content will be more valuable if people are moved to like it, share it or comment on it. It shows you (and the rest of the internet) that it is being read and discussed. Shares open up a new audience so they have a real value for content. Your social media push will help here.

2 – Think about the length

People don’t have a lot of time to read your content and you are competing with many others for their attention. Make the blog the right length – not so long as they switch off and not so short that they wondered why they bothered. Impart your information at the start of the content and expand from there.

1 – Formatting is crucial

People make a snap decision when they see your content whether they will read on or not. If it contains a relevant image and is broken down with headings, paragraphs, bullet points or lists then people will be much more likely to read on. What the content looks like can have as much of an impact as what it says. This is the most important in the list of the top 10 tips to make your content sizzle

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