Quality content writing – this is what I do

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March 20, 2017
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March 27, 2017

When I meet people for the first time and they ask what I do, I can always see a little confusion on their face. If you tell people that you are a writer (as I sometimes do) then they imagine someone who writes books. They already think of someone who writes stories for a living. Quality content writing isn’t something that people readily understand when it is first brought up in conversation.

If I use the phrase “I am a content writer,” then people have more questions. They may not have come across the phrase before or may not know exactly what it is I can do.

If I change that again and say that I help businesses to talk to their customers then this is another level of discussion altogether. People want to know how this happens, what they can do differently and how it impacts on their company. All three describe what I do in different ways but they open up different conversations. 

So what do I do?

I help people to understand the power of their words. Everything that a business writes, speaks and published builds their reputation in one way or another. It is the story that they want to promote, the conversation they want to have with their customers. It is driven by the words that are used. Quality content writing is something that comes from practice.

People don’t always realise the power that this has. It can change the way you are viewed by your audience for better or for worse. Say the right things and people buy from you. Say the wrong things and they walk away, often forever. Did you realise that something as simple as an invoice or an email can significantly alter your relationship with a customer? You may have the tracking tools in your email system that tell you if people click through to buy, but this isn’t any good unless you use the right words in the first place.

Quality content writing – this is what I do

I get to know you and your company. But all good content writers will do this. This isn’t enough. I get to know your market.  I research your customers and your potential customers. They don’t want to hear about your latest developments or what you think is great about your product or service. They have problems they want to be solved. They have needs that they want to be filled. If you don’t speak about these problems and needs then you miss out. Get in touch with me today and I can talk to you about what your content does. It can change the way that you deal with your customers in a positive way forever more.

Quality content writing can be something that changes the way your business is seen by your potential customers. This drives people to connect with you, be a part of your network and buy from you. It has to be repeated time and time again. Over the course of time people will grow to trust you and buy from you.

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