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November 4, 2016
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November 14, 2016

10th November

This has been an eclectic week for a content writer. Although much of my work is writing content in County Durham, I do reach out to people from all over the world and I do write things other than business content. Here is a little summary of my week and how the work I have produced will help my clients-

Website content for a builder in Australia

I have been working for a while with a builder in Queensland and the content they use on their website. It is topical, often triggered by a recent news article and helps them with their Google searches. Having relevant content will really help any website move up the Google search rankings.  By writing about current events that can affect Queensland home owners the website is able to be relevant to the Google search engines but, just as importantly, be relevant to the readers when they click through. Too much website content is geared solely at Google and loses people when they click through. It will hit your conversion rate massively if you son’t get this right.

A business book for a spa in San Diego

Business books really help to establish your business with your potential customers. To have a book that shows off your expertise in your chosen filed is a winner with a potential customers. People that can really hit it off with new clients in this area are estate agents (contact us for white label books) and financial advisers.

The spa uses the book to connect to people that have a similar outlook on life and would be ideal customers for the spa facilities. It means that they have tuned in to the way their clients think before they have walked through the door. Any meaningful connection that a business can make with their client base increases the chance hat they will be chosen as the provider of choice.

And a strange case of fact and fiction crossing over

As well as being a County Durham content writer I also ghost write books for people.  I am writing a book at the moment. On Wednesday morning I was up with the larks to write a chapter about the American President being revealed as the anti Christ. I was writing this while sitting watching the news about Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election.  At times I didn’t know whether the words I was putting on the page or the events unfolding on television in front of me were more bizarre. It is really interesting to ghost write for people and I’d love to hear from you if this is something that interests you – either as a writer or as someone who wants a book written. Just leave a comment or get in touch.

Writing is my passion and I am here to help. I can help to deliver you website content that will shoot you up the Google search rankings, a business book that will attract new customers or anything else for you or your business. I can help with any and every part of the process from planning a content marketing strategy for your County Durham business through to writing and promoting it.

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