Think about the audience before you write a word

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Content marketing for charities
June 28, 2018
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July 11, 2018
Think about the audience before you write a word

The best way to make sure you produce content that works for your chosen audience is to be able to write in different styles. The people that follow you on Twitter, for example, will want something very different to what people who subscribe to your blog are looking for. Let’s take these two diverse platforms as examples of what you need to do when devising a piece of content –


  • Only 280 characters
  • Fast paced and moving timeline
  • Use of hashtags and tagging people is highly important
  • Need to be ‘of its time’


  • Limitless characters, suggested 750 words optimum length, with 300 word minimum for SEO
  • Readers have more time but need to be drawn in by the title and opening passage
  • Headers, images, bullets and numbers are highly important
  • Needs to be ‘timeless’ and relevant in the future too

These are just two of thee places that we produce and deliver content. As you can see from just a few bullet point for each, the styles need to match the expectations of the audience.

Think about the audience

What you need to do

The first place you need to look is your current content. If you know what you have produced in the past then you will have some measure of success attached to this. The pieces that got you the biggest traction then are great templates for what you want to write now.

And there is every chance that the results are different spending on the platform you are using. What I mean by this is the best blog you have ever written, in terms of results, will most probably be a different thing to the best social media post you have ever written. Think about the differences and build content that works to that platform, that medium and that audience.

Once you start to practice this, then you will become much better at it. If you want to build your knowledge in this area then look at the work of some other company. See if you can spot where they use the same ‘voice’ for everything they write or can adapt and make it relevant to the audience. If a company has a website and a YouTube presence then this is the starkest way to spot a different voice.

We are here to help, so get in touch if you want to discuss your content.

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