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April 5, 2017
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April 24, 2017

A blog can be many things. They started out for people who wanted to share their experience, knowledge and passion about a pet subject. The success of blogging has seen it picked up by business and developed into a marketing tool. This is great, but only if the blog sticks to the ideals of sharing knowledge, experience and passion. Without this it just sounds like another advertisement for your company. In many ways, this is the purpose that the blog serves but you have to be far more subtle than that. Subtlety is important in many aspects of marketing. The power of the blog for your business is that it makes connections.

Subtlety in marketing is important

I went into a bookshop with the kids the other day. We were browsing, killing a little time while my wife was in a clothes shop. We didn’t really know how long this would take so as three boys we decided to go somewhere else. When browsing the bookshop, the owner came over and asked what we were looking for. With ‘honesty is the best policy’ ringing in my ears I told him that we were browsing and killing a little time while the Mrs. was looking at clothes. He then used a sales technique that I had never seen before. He selected books at random, thrust them into the hands of my children and then made a ‘give me money’ gesture towards me. It was about as subtle as trying to put his hand in my pocket and take my money. And about as successful. Needless to say we walked away.

What is subtle marketing with regards content?

Well, this can be difficult. We all want the time and effort we put into a piece of content to bring dividends, and usually as quickly as possible. But content marketing, particularly with a blog, doesn’t work overnight. It is about building a relationship. The fact that you are planting seeds for the future is the opposite of what marketing feels like it should be about. People want measurable results, they want to see the ROI and the effect it has on the bottom line. Blogging takes the long term view. It lets people know what you are all about, which helps them to know you better. It shows that you are an expert in your field of work, so they begin to trust you more. All of these are vital elements in the relationship-building that foes on with quality marketing. The power of the blog for your business is that it allows you to work in this way. It doesn’t ask for sales – it gives information.

The power of the blog for your business – so what can you do?

Start a blog, but give it a purpose. Use it to highlight the parts of your company that people don’t usually see. Let people ‘behind the scenes’ so they can see the knowledge, experience and passion behind your business. It really helps people to understand what you are all about. People buy people, not products, services or prices. Show them the real people behind your business and you will get them more interested in what you can offer.

If you want to have a chat about what content can do for your business then just get in touch. I’d love to hear from you and I am more than happy to discuss your ideas without obligation.

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