What is the day of a writer like ?

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October 9, 2016
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October 12, 2016

What is the day of a writer like ?

Writing can be a really great way to earn a living and I love what I do. As a writer County Durham I am often asked how I structure my day, in essence – What is the day of a writer like ? Each day brings new things to write, new challenges to face and more interesting people to meet whether face to face or online. A large part of each and every day is spent in front of a computer screen wither carrying out research on what to write about for my clients or actually getting it written. For any budding writers out there I thought it might be a good idea to give you the lowdown on what my typical day entails and how it could pan out for you.

Checking any correspondence

This is the first thing I think of when I am asked the question ‘What is the day of a writer like ?’ I always start the day by checking out my emails and messages to see where I am. A lot of my work comes from different parts of the world so I might have missed messages from Australia, the United States or India while I was sleeping. Even as a writer County Durham¬† get requests globally to write for people. I like to get all of this done before the day starts in earnest so I know I have answered any questions and can plan out everything else I need to get done on that day. Writing is about meeting deadlines as much as anything else so I have to stay a few days ahead at all times.

Planning the day ahead

Most of this will have actually already been decided previously in terms of getting together a list of all the different things I want to achieve on a given day. From my correspondence I can now give this list an order of priority. I will have several things I want to achieve and the planning will tell me in what order I will complete them and roughly at what time of the day this will happen. Organisation is the key to great writing.

Getting started

I get started with my writing as soon as I can after planning out my day. If I am particularly busy then this will all start before 7 am and can sometimes not finish until after 9 pm so getting on with it as soon as I am ready can make a big difference to when I get finished. It can be quite difficult to keep on writing high quality material day after day for 8 hours or more every day. The little breaks in between like a cup of tea or coming away from the computer for lunch can help a lot to keep your work sharp and allow your mind a little time to get things in the right order before you put them down on the page.

Working for me as well

It can be easy to get focused on everything that the clients want and forget all the things that help me as a writer enjoy what I am doing and deliver things for myself as well. Writing solely for someone else can end up with you losing a bit of control and not enjoying it as fully as you might. I like to find time in every day to write for myself, such as-

  • Writing website content such as this
  • Writing my blogs that promote my services and the books I have written
  • Writing my next book so I can keep publishing new content
  • Looking for new opportunities

Writing is something that really interests me and I enjoy writing for myself as well as others. Keeping the content different and writing different things all the time makes it feel more like a hobby and less like a job. So you can see that What is the day of a writer like includes some time for myself too!

The admin

Something that goes with anything you do as a self-employed person is taking care of all the admin tasks. There are things to do like send invoices, chase payments and meet new potential clients that take up time and are really valuable but are not producing you any income-generating work. The admin tasks are best dealt with on  daily basis so you keep on top of it all. Leaving things until they stack up causes confusion and will give you a headache when you actually do have to deal with them.

What is the day of a writer like ?

If you are thinking about becoming a writer then get in touch through my website or contact me on social media. I’d love to hear from you! If have ever wondered What is the day of a writer like ? then I’d happily let you know!

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