The Copywriting Skills You Need

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February 12, 2019
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March 4, 2019
The Copywriting Skills You Need

If you want a website or blog to shine then there are certain copywriting skills you need. These copywriting skills come together to help you forma rounded piece of work that dies two main things –

  1. Hit all the right notes with Google and the other search engines
  2. Connect with potential customers when they land on your page

With those tow basic elements pieced together, you will have content that helps you drive your business forward. But these aren’t always easy to achieve. Let’s take a look at the copywriting skills that will transform what you write now into something that hits all the right notes.

Copywriting skills #1 Research

It might seem a little absurd that the first of the copywriting skills you will need isn’t actually in the writing itself. But, before you write a word, you need to carry out effective research. What makes effective research? I hear you ask. It quite possibly isn’t what you might expect.

Effective research isn’t about the subject matter at all. It concerns itself solely with the customer – nothing else. If you want copy to hit the right notes, as discussed before, you have to know what those right notes are. The Google thing is pretty easy. Find out what you want to be found for. If, for instance, you are writing a blog on ‘the vagus nerve,’ then you should make sure you mention it in the title, in a subheading and a few times throughout the piece. This will get you on the right track with the search engines for most topics.

The Copywriting Skills You Need - research

But that’s only half the battle. Once people find you, and click through to your page, you need to keep them there. that’s where the research comes in. You need to know –

  • Why people are searching for the vagus nerve
  • Who exactly is looking?
  • What do they want to know?
  • What do they want to hear?

Having this information is the research needed to get people to stay on your page, share what you have written and link back to you. Then your blog becomes an authority in the field. Your research has paid off.

Copywriting Skills #2 Pen To Paper

OK, so we don’t use pen and ink much nowadays, but the next of the copywriting skills you will need is getting things done. Too many people tell themselves that they can’t write. It stops them dead in their tracks before they make any progress at all. So, you should tell yourself that you CAN do this. It’s easier than you think.

The average blog is around 500 words, the average web page too. This means you have only 500 words-ish to deliver in order to get this done and ready for the world to see.

The Copywriting Skills You Need - pen to paper

Break this down into smaller blocks. If your research leads to three main points then a small introduction, approximately 100 words on each of these and a small conclusion will give you most of your blog.

Breaking down your work into smaller constituent parts makes it far easier to contemplate. Don’t worry too much the first time around about what it sounds like – you’ll catch that in the edits later on. Juts start typing. You can break these parts down into smaller bits again, like this –

  • A 100 word section can be 2 x 50 word paragraphs
  • A 50 word paragraph can be broken down into 3 x 17 word sentences

It sounds far easier now, doesn’t it? Using these simple techniques, you can get your work delivered in no time at all. let’s take a look at the last 2 copywriting skills needed to become a success.

Copywriting Skills #3 Editing

This sounds like a fancy way of adapting your work from the mundane to the excellent but it is actually a simple way of improving what you have written. The first reason you edit is to check for mistakes. Even the most experienced copywriter will make the odd typo or get something muddled up from time to time. Re-reading will let you catch these before they hit the eyes of the public.

The Copywriting Skills You Need - editing

The second part of this is to make sure it sounds right. And ‘sounds’ is the key word. The best way to make sure that the words you have written hit the right notes with the reader is to become the reader. Actually read it out aloud to yourself. This will give you an idea of the tone and pitch of the words. That’s what they will sound like in the ears of your audience.

Take a look at the examples in the portfolio and you’ll see this in action.

Copywriting Skills #4 Formatting

Another of the copywriting skills (the last in this blog) is formatting the work you have written. Take a look at this blog and see how it sits on the page.

It is broken up with images, lists, bullet points, heading and short paragraphs. These all make it easier for the reader. Rather than looking at this long piece of thousands of words, they see a much smaller set of sections. It becomes much easier to digest.

The Copywriting Skills You Need - formatting

The way the words are formatted on the page make a bigger difference than most people give it credit for. If you have this as one of your copywriting skills then you are headed for success.

If you have any questions about copywriting then get in touch. We’re always here to help.

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