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November 14, 2018
Marketing as a Content Writer - yu should be working
Marketing as a Content Writer
December 5, 2018
Write for yourself as well as others lighbulb moment

I have been writing a lot of content recently for  anew website that I am a contributor for. The site is called The Big Five-O and is designed to help men who are approaching the age of fifty understand their body and mind better – as well as their children!

Life changes quite dramatically at that stage, as far as I can see. Men go from feeling young and ready to take on the world to feeling that bits are dropping off! Don’t put yourself in a situation (assuming you are a man approaching 50) where you go into this phase of your life without the information that will help you manage your life as well as possible.

If you have any questions about this site and what it is meant to deliver then please drop me a line and we can take a look at how it can help you. The Big Five-O is there to help you look after yourself and be prepared for what will most likely be the 2nd half of your life. I particularly like the Diet section as I have researched a lot in this area.

The Big Five-O

How Does This Work For a Content Writer?

You should always be in a position where you always have someone to write for. If there are no paying clients directly out there at any point in time, you should look to see how your writing skills can make you cash even when you don’t have customers.

The Big Five-O is one of the websites I have developed personally as I look to generate an income from a few sources, including –

  • Affiliate links
  • Building a subscriber base
  • Selling some of my own products
  • Google Ads

It is a really interesting concept to me – searching to see if there is an income-generating element to pure content. I enjoy writing and whenever I have some spare time I just start writing for one of my sites to see where it takes me. Check out The Big Five-O and let me know what you think. If you are a man approaching the age of 50 or know someone who is then share away.

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