The best place to write – with or without wi-fi?

Writing the perfect sales page
Writing the perfect sales page
November 21, 2017
Get the most from your content writing
Get the most from your content writing
December 6, 2017
The best place to write – with or without wi-fi?

I have read quite a few articles from writers where they lament their access to the internet. They would rather lock themselves away in the middle of nowhere and get their head down to write. But, for a content writer, can access to the internet be a hindrance or a benefit? It’s probably worth taking a look.

I generally write here I am connected to the internet. It helps me stay in touch with my customers. An email or a Facebook message from someone I am working with helps –

  • Keep me on track
  • See if any changes are needed
  • Receive feedback on my work

So, the connection is a good thing in this respect. Also I may need to carry out a little research when writing. Just checking a fact, or looking for a relevant link needs internet connection. I can’t work in this way without it.

The best place to write – with or without wi-fi?

The alternative

I worked a couple of times this week without internet connection. I had appointments out of the office and then sat somewhere local to write. It meant that I was able to free myself from the distractions of –

  • Looking at every email as it arrives
  • Being side-tracked by social media as I post something
  • Getting lost in the internet

So, there are some pretty strong benefits to this way of working too. Being able to sit and write for a few hours solidly without the distraction of the internet does feel like it is more productive.

The best place to write – with or without wi-fi?

How to manage the balance

I think that there probably is a balance between these two. If I have all the data I need to write then I close down the internet, stop the email notifications and just write. Delivering my own work is much easier done this way because I know what I want.

If you set aside a few times per day to do the email and social media thing then you can get the most form your time. It allows you to focus on the work in hand and not become distracted by your Facebook timeline or the emails that are fun to read, but don’t bring you any business.

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