The best and worst websites for content today

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May 15, 2017
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Website content makes a dramatic difference for a business. It transforms how people interact with the website and gets people engaged. Great website content gives visitors a reason to stay, spend time and buy. Inferior quality content switches people off immediately and they don’t return. The best and worst websites for content today show a stark contrast. The best ones get repeat visits and prompt people to like and share. The bad ones one switch people off, often forever.

Here is my guide to the best and worst websites for content today

3 of the best websites for content

Groupon is a website that strangely needs a little introduction to most people. The fact that most people access Groupon on their smartphone means that they don’t engage with the website. But the content carries across well from one to the other. Groupon has a great way with their content that carries the message. It is –

  • Concise enough for people to get the message quickly
  • Easy to read so the essential information is accessed
  • A call to action is always included so people can buy

These elements are important for a website. Make sure that your website considers this.

Girl With A Camera shows you that not just websites with a big budget can create something great. This uses the passions of the girl to show off what she does. When you understand what is important to someone, you can engage with them in a much better way. People want to get to know who they buy from. This website has three elements to this that makes it successful –

  • She talks about her passions in a disarming way
  • She makes a connection with people
  • It leaves the reader wanting more

This is ideal when you want your website to find local customers. The readers will love what she has to say and want to work with her. You can do the same for your business.

Mannys Sauces is a business that has a great story to tell. But they didn’t tell it in the right way in the past. The message now id about a vibrant product that tastes great. The website used to be quite technical about the ingredients used and the processes. But now it talks about recipes and ideas. It is something that all websites should be –

  • It talks about what is important to the customers of the brand
  • It ignores the stuff that may be important to the maker, but not the customers
  • It gives people they can’t find anywhere else

So, when the website looks at the stockists of Mannys Sauces and some of their ingredients, this helps the reader understand how to use the product. Do they respond? Of course they do!

3 of the Worst websites for content

When looking at the best and worst websites for content today there was a lot to choose from. Here are the worst three that I found.

Interflora is a website that really lets itself down. I get the impression that they don’t feel like they need to help anyone. The fact that they are the ‘known name’ for buying flowers in the UK just makes them lazy. Their website is –

  • All about the sales
  • Doesn’t connect with the customer
  • Living off their inertia

This could be great. Guides about how to look after flowers, which ones to choose for certain occasions and others would transform this into a must-go place for customers to learn about flowers as well as buy them. As it stands, this is ripe to be overtaken by a rival that gets their content right. Watch this space.

Gates N Fences is a truly awful website. It has no structure, no sense and lets the customers down on all levels. It doesn’t look designed, cultured or curated. It looks like it has been thrown together at very little cost. But that’s not all. The content is really poor too. People will take one look at that mass of words and switch off. It –

  • Just throws words at the reader in the hope that some might stick
  • Loses people almost immediately
  • Looks terrible

If there is one overriding message to take from reading this article it is don’t overuse your language. Break it up with headings, bullets points, images, well basically anything that stops it looking like Gates N Fences.

John Procrario looks and feels like a comedy attempt at an artful website. I can’t find a lot to say about it, mainly because there is no content at all. This means that –

  • Google had no idea what to do with it
  • The lack of words stops people from spending much time on the site
  • It is a regular in the ‘worst websites ever’ list

Don’t allow your website to become like this. If you are an artist, a photographer or have another business that has a lot of visual media about your work, don’t feature that without the words that back it up.

The best and worst websites for content today

This has been fun to look at what people do well, and not so well. I hope that you can pick up some lessons here to figure out what you might want from the content on your website.

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