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May 2, 2017
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May 12, 2017

It was great last week to sit in The Word – National Centre for the Written Word in South Shields. There was an audience with David Baldacci, the renowned author who was promoting his latest book called The Fix (Amos Decker)

As a budding author, it was great for me to listen to how he worked, researched and edited what he does. He was a really interesting guy and had some great stories about his time as a writer and the encounters he had on the way to success. I would love to experience even a tiny fraction of his success and feel freshly inspired by spending some time in his presence. I urge any writers out there to listen to what others say about their writing. The more you learn, the better your writing can be. This is the same whether you write fiction or want to produce a blog for your website. Exposure to other writing will help you to formulate your ideas and produce better work. Just leave a gap of time in between reading and writing so you don’t end up copying wholesale.

My next novel

I am working on my next novel and this progress has been boosted by listening to David Baldacci. It was moving along at a good pace anyway, but the inspiration of being near a novelist that has sold millions of books and had some of them made into movies. I don’t have quite the same aspirations for my work, but I’d love for as many people as possible to read it and gain some enjoyment from it. The first book is available now – David’s Goliath: If you found a book that told the story of your life, would you read on? and I hope that the second one will be ready in the very near future. Writing fiction isn’t something that you can predict, so I don’t know whether it will take me another 6 weeks or another 6 months but either way I will be working on it relentlessly until it is finished and ready to publish. The writing process is hugely enjoyable and I have had great fun developing the plot and characters in the book. I think it is important to have well-developed characters, even those that are only in the book for a few pages or less. This allows the reader to understand their motivations and adds to the realism of the story.

Connect with me

I’d love to hear from other writers in the North East of England and beyond to hear what they have to say about their writing and maybe share ideas. I’m often available for a coffee or an email exchange so drop me a line if you want to chat or discuss writing in general. I want to develop my links to other writers and perhaps we can promote each others work. I am always looking out for events like the evening with David Baldacci last week, so there is plenty of scope to learn from the work of others.

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