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I have been working with a large R&D tax credits company in the North East of England for some time. They understand the value of content and all it can do for their business. Tax can be a dry subject. Quite frankly it can be even drier when written about by an accountant or other tax expert. I write for LUMO to help take the dullness out of the subject and make it appealing to their target market.

Simple changes such as using ‘The tax man,’ instead of ‘HMRC,’ can transform the way content is read. I have written well over half a million words on R&D and still counting. The subject conjures up different responses from different people. Some don’t think they have time, others don’t think it applies to them.

Writing for an audience that you already have, but with a different proposition can be a challenging thing. Getting it right is very rewarding. It is far easier to make extra sales to your existing clients than to go out there and find new ones. Get in touch to find out more about this.