Places are important in your writing

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October 20, 2016
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October 31, 2016

Places are really important in your writing. No matter what you write, then the location means something to you and your readers. I am a content writer in County Durham and the fact is that a lot of my work comes from a lot further afield than my local area. As a writer you need to understand the audience and what it is they are looking for.  Always remember that places are important in your writing for your audience. That is my role in the process and before I write anything or my clients I make sure that I understand-

  • The location that my client is based in
  • The location that their target audience is based in
  • The specific type of English I need to be writing in (American, Australian, British, etc)
  • The emphasis that needs to be put on certain parts of the writing

So it isn’t just about changing your spellcheck on Word to U.S English and assume that it will work. Making the changes you need to capture the right tome for your audience are about much more than that. American and South African audiences in particular like to read sales copy that really pushes home the point. They want to be told that what they are reading about is amazing, will solve all of their problems and change the world. I would not be able to write in the same style if I was writing content in County Durham. Places are important in your writing at all times.

Where you write is important too

The location that you are writing about can also be a part of the writing. As well as writing content for websites, marketing and business I also write fiction, both for myself and for others. I am a ghostwriter. The location becomes a part of the story. Being able to describe the surroundings and the atmosphere is an integral part of being able to write fiction. I urge all of you content writers out there to try your hand at some fiction too because it will help you to create more compelling copy in your day job. I see this every day as a content writer in County Durham.

If you are able to write about a location in a piece of fiction then you ill be using other literary devices and starting to build a picture for the reader. It adds to the story. Engaging marketing copy is about telling a story that  the reader wants to follow. If you have these extra literary devices at your disposal then you can gain interest from the reader and keep them engaged. This is the key to getting your marketing copy read and acted upon.

Places are important in your writing

Making sure that the place you are writing about in your text will also help people to frame where you are coming from. If a reader stumbles across your writing on the internet then they will want to know not just what you do, but where you are. Content writer in County Durham is much more direct and understandable than content writer, for example. Places are important in your writing so consider the impact.

If you are looking to have something written for you, wither in terms of content or fiction then get in touch. I can give you some ideas to develop your own work or write either for you or with you. Collaboration brings out the best in a piece of fiction.

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