Best places to outsource content

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April 29, 2014
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Best places to outsource content

It can be a wild stab in the dark to find someone to write content for you. There are a lot of options on the internet and you could search Google for days looking for the right content writer to help you. As a content writer North East England I am often asked who can produce the best content. Where re the best places to outsource content is a common issue. There are some great ways to make sure that you have found the right content writer to help you and your business move forward. Here are the places you can look and the ways that you can make sure you get the right content writer-

Freelance websites

There are loads of these sites such as, and The advantage usually of the freelance content writers on these websites is the price. You can get someone to write content for you at a fraction of the cost of going directly to a content writers own website. But the real issue can be the quality of the work. You get people from all over the world on these sites and for many English is not their first language. They undercut people from the UK, the US and Australia because they have a much cheaper cost of living. But the work they produce can be of really poor quality. The way to try to get the best from these websites is to-

  • Check out which country the writer is from
  • Look at the feedback they have got in the past
  • Ask for samples of their work

At times, these can be the best places to outsource content for a small business.

Classified ads

Places like Craigslist and other classified ad services online and in the press will have people that offer their services as a content writer. These are less common than the freelance websites but still need to be considered. You are kind of working blind here because you can’t see any feedback but don’t write them off just yet. If they have the money or the foresight to advertise then they must be doing something right. If you are looking for someone to sell your business then first consider how well they sell themselves. The best way to work out if they might be right for you is to-

  • See how they present themselves
  • Get in touch and ask questions
  • Find out how much they charge

Directly with a content writer North East England

You can look for a content writer in your area to help you via a Google search. One of the best places to outsource content is in your local area. The results will come up with something relevant to you – for example I am a content writer North East England. We may cost a little more than the writers on the freelance websites but the service is miles better, in my opinion. If you hire a local writer then they can come out to you, talk to you and really understand what you want. You are more guaranteed high quality work because you can get a feel for the writer when talking with them face to face. To make sure they are right for you-

  • Invite them to see your business and explain what you want from them
  • Ask them to bring some relevant samples along
  • Talk to them and get a feel of whether they would be right for our business

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