Niche content can drive your views

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October 2, 2017
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October 10, 2017

There is so much competition out there for your content. The people that you are trying to target have a finite amount of time in their day and there is so much out there to catch the attention. Websites such as the Independent produce hundreds of articles every day, all written by professionals. How are you supposed to compete? Niche content can drive your views and deliver you new customers. But you need to know what this is.

The best example I can think of to illustrate how niche content can drive your views is the rise and rise of cat videos. There is no rational explanation of why people spend vast amounts of time watching these videos, but they are a worldwide phenomenon. People spend hours looking at the latest cat videos on You Tube. The people who upload the videos have found their niche.

What is your niche?

Niche content can drive your views but you need to know what your niche is to begin to speak to the market of people that want to hear from you. Write about what is in the news and you might find that the BBC or CNN have got there first and have reporters on the scene.

If you are writing for your business, then you have some degree of niche already built in to what you do. The BBC won’t have a plumbing correspondent but if you are a plumber then you will have insight that people will want to hear about You can let people know what is important to them, such as –

  • How to easily fix that leaking tap under the sink
  • What are the best quality materials to use when replacing a toilet
  • Where to buy the tools that you use

You won’t find a mass market for this kind of information, but you will find the right people. Many businesses are concerned about giving away what they know. They feel like there are some trade secrets that they have to guard in order to keep people coming back to them. This just isn’t the case. It’s true that some of the people who read your tips will go away and do it for themselves. But they would have done this anyway. The people that you want to deal with are those that consider it and then think that a professional is the best choice. Can you guess which professional that choice might be?

  • Is it the one that kept all of their secrets?
  • Or is it the one that let their readers know that they were experts in what they do?

I’ll let you decide which one gets the call. It’s true that niche content can drive your views on your website and social media. The right content reaches the right niches.

Niche content can drive your views

Niche content can drive your views in more ways than just connecting with the people who read the article. The people that are passionate about what you do will often be what Seth Godin called sneezers in his book Purple Cow. These are people who will share their passion.

If their friends need a plumber then guess who they will recommend?

If a work colleague complains about a broken loo then guess what they will be talking about?

If their place of employment suffers from blocked drains then guess who they will be recommending?

It’s by gaining access to these people that your message starts to spread. Don’t be afraid to write a piece of content that might only be read by a handful of people. If they are the right handful then your work is done. They will like your article, share your article and comment on your article (now there’s a subtle hint – please like, share and comment on this if you got something from it!) and the power of your content multiplies.

If you want to talk about your content then please get in touch. Whether this is to discuss your existing content, plan your future content or get someone to write for you.

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