New year, new content

You can really gain from blogging
December 10, 2016
A note to writers – keep it fresh!
January 7, 2017

Many businesses change at this time of the year. As a County Durham content writer I have seen many companies look forward to the new year. With time in December being used to assess where you are and where you want to be, January is often filled with tasks that help to get you there.

Modern business relies on their website to attract new customers and generate sales. A website needs to have great content in order to –

  • Move up the Google search rankings
  • Connect with new customers
  • Drive sales

But that can only happen if the content is both optimised and engaging. This is the ideal time to assess if your website does all of this for you. A new website can cost thousands but it isn’t always the design and function that needs attention. Simple changes that  the content of you website can make a big difference to his it performs. As a County Durham content writer I am often asked about how to make effective changes to a website.

Most of the interface with the Google search bits and the customers is carried out by the words that are written, rather than any other aspect of a website. Making effective changes here will give your website more chance of making you money. There are several areas that you can consider to get better results from your website-

A blog is still the most effective way to get your website efficiency levels up. Using the right keywords will give you higher search engine rankings. Delivering useful and engaging content will prompt your customers to act.

Testimonials are another way to persuade people to buy from you. By including the thoughts of your past customers you will be able to showcase all that is good about your company and the service it provides. Speak to your existing customers and find out how they feel about you.

Social media is another great tool for connecting with potential customers. But this needs to be planned and written with care to be effective. Social media is a platform to have conversations with customers but too many go wrong. If you think about what you want to say then you will get far better results than just tying away at random.

As a County Durham content writer I can help you to plan your content. A new fresh approach will lead to great results if you know where to start. Get in touch and I will give you information on how to develop your content strategy.

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