My new novel is out now – InitiAl by Steven Thompson

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March 15, 2018
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May 1, 2018

I am proud and happy to announce that my latest novel is available now. It can be bought on paperback or Kindle edition right now. This is my 2nd novel (along with a list of non-fiction books that I have published too) and I am really excited about it!!

The book centres on a team of detectives that are searching for a killer in the city. As the lead detective, Augustine Boyle, and his team work their way through the clues they break apart and then work together to find the person who is leaving the people of the city in fear.

I enjoyed writing the book immensely and if one person gets the same amount of joy from reading it then I will be a very happy bunny indeed. Writing is my life, whether for clients or myself. I write every day, all day and love to see what other people think of it.

InitiAl by Steven Thompson

If you have read any of the books of Jo Nesbo or Stieg Larsson and enjoyed them, then this is probably a great read for you. The book is written to bristle with tension. Here is a short excerpt from the book –

As the pathologist worked is way down the body Electra watched with some interest while he inspected the victim for any signs of sexual assault. She later recalled look in his eyes in the telephone conversation with Augustine.

“He looked shocked. The pathologist seemed genuinely frightened by what he saw. He was young, so it may have been his first time.”

It was the type of look that she has actually been sent there for. It gave away a lot of information about her lifestyle, or at least the pathologist’s view of her lifestyle. Electra didn’t know it at that point, but the victim was unidentified.

And as she watched carefully, she could see there was something to pique his interest. His eyes gave it away to her. It was the coil that he removed from the body before placing on the metal tray. The click of metal against metal was a noise she wasn’t used to in a post mortem. The clink of metal was matched by a look from the pathologist. Electra had got what she had come for.

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