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September 16, 2016
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October 7, 2016

I started to piece together my first novel over the last two weeks. It is set in Javea, Spain and in the UK and concerns someone who finds a book that he later discovers is the story of his life. Does he read on? Would you? There will be more about the book on this website as time goes by but I wanted ti use this article to explain to you what goes on when writing a book. The process may look simple from the outside (sit down, write, finish and publish) but a good book is about so much more than that.  There are many other steps to writing a book, and they are the same steps that anyone should take before any piece of writing.


The first step when writing is to plan out what you want to say. Even for something as simple as a social media post for a company, a degree of planning needs to happen to ensure that you know what you want to say. For my novel there has been planning on a different level, and I have needed to take into account-

  • An outline of the characters involved
  • The trip to scout and record details of the location
  • An outline of the story and where I want it to go
  • The structure of how the audience and the main character find out that the book is actually about his life

To get all of these down on paper before along with some ideas about style and other little things I really want to include has really helped me to just go ahead and write freely because I know where I want it to go.


The bulk of the time will be spent on actually writing the book. I say that it is in the pipeline, well I have written around 10,000 words so far. Most novels will be between 60,000 and 150,000 words in total so you can see that just with the writing there is a long way to go. To get the flow of a story and get everything down without repeats and flaws in the narrative it is best to get the writing part done in as short a time as possible. Going back to something after several weeks means that you might not fully remember where you were or you end up repeating yourself or even leave out important parts. This can be rectified in the next stage but it is far easier to get it right first time.


This is a vital part of the process and can often take nearly as long as the writing. Editing your work is something that will probably take several tread-through’s and you are looking for many things-

  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes
  • Consistency of tenses and persons
  • Conflict between character actions or words (for instance they may be vegetarian in one scene and then eat meat in another)
  • That you have the story in the right order
  • That you are happy with the content and the length of the story

The editing process can be easily overlooked but is absolutely vital to produce great work. You may need to hire a proof reader to work for you on this part so it is just right.


I won’t go into too much detail with the publishing part because this entirely depends on what you want to do with the finished work. There are self-publishing options out there so you can get your work quickly to market or you can send the manuscript to many publishers in the hope of a deal.

The process above is very similar to the process I follow with each and every piece of writing that I do. If you hire me to write an article, a blog, your website content or anything else then I follow the steps to make sure it is absolutely right for you.  I will get all the information I need from you at the beginning, write quality content and the check it over several times before sending back. We will work together on the editing to ensure it is perfect for your needs.

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