Is your website getting enough clicks ?

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November 14, 2016
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November 24, 2016

It seems like a simple equation, doesn’t it? You have a website designed and built and then the customers come flooding in. At first it might seem like all you need is an internet presence for people to find you. But after a while you realise that there is more to this. You realise that you don’t just have to be there. You have to be found. Ask yourself the question – Is your website getting enough clicks ?

As a content writers County Durham we are often asked why a website that looks great does t generate business.

If you ask most small business owners how they can be found on the internet they type in their website URL and show you. This is us. And that’s great for customers that already know your web address. But what for those that don’t? What about the customer that will google search your service and location? Will they find you? Is your website getting enough clicks ?

What does this mean in reality?

So, for example, if you are a chiropractor in Darlington this is exactly what your potential customers will type if they need you. “Chiropractor Darlington.” Check out your service(s) and location(s) and see where you show. Try a few variations and see what results this bring-

  • Darlington Chiropractor 
  • Chiropractor in Darlingtonent writer County Durham
  • Darlington chiropractic clinic
  • Bad back help Darlington

Get a good idea about where you stand. If you are at the top of all the relevant searches then this is great news. Your website is optimised and you will get clicks. But if these clicks are not turning into enquiries and business then there is still work to do. As content writer County Durham we have seen this issue many times and know what the issues are.

If your website does not feature in the first few unpaid slots on google on your chosen searches then your website will be bypassed. It might look great and you may be very pleased with it – but without it being seen by customers it isn’t producing business for you. Is your website getting enough clicks ? becomes the most important question you waill ask yourself.

But the good news is that there is something that can be done about it. The phrases that you want to appear on for google (or something very similar) will be achievable as long as you have the right content. As a leading content writer County Durham I can help to identify the key phrases that will help your website and get you more clicks.

Is your website getting enough clicks ?

Ask us about how you can improve your google search rankings and get your website seen by more potential customers. This will turn into sales. Look at how you can make the moist from this valuable resource. If your website doesn’t do what you want (remember to ask yourself the question ‘ is your website getting enough clicks ?’) then think about what changes you can make soon.

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