How does a piece of content work ?

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August 3, 2017
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August 8, 2017

Content can be an important part of any business. It can convey messages to your customers and help on your Google search optimisation. But, most people want to know – how does a piece of content work ? In terms of what is written and what this does for your business, I would say that most people are in the dark. You might have a website or a blog that speaks to a potential audience, but have no idea how this might be used, shared and how it can turn from a few words written on the page to a client picking up the phone and asking to to do business with you. The journey can be a subtle one, but the question ‘ How does a piece of content work ?’ is certainly something that needs to be answered –

1. You prepare the content

In order for a piece of content to bring back business, you need to ensure that it serves a purpose. If your content tells people to buy from you (so much content out there does) then people will make a stark choice – to buy or not to buy. The majority of people are satisfied with what they have an may not be looking for a new provider of whatever it is you sell. This becomes a problem, because your average potential buyer just isn’t looking to be sold to. They get enough of this in –

  • Every TV advert break
  • Every time they go online
  • Through scores of emails every week
  • In the newspapers or magazines they consume

So, adding another sales message (that should read another ‘buy me’ message) isn’t going to have a great deal of impact. Your content should be more subtle than that. Targeting your content to relieve a pain point or answer a question is a much more sustainable way of engaging an audience. You are now starting to understand the basics of how does a piece of content work ?

2. You publish the content and promote it

The second part o this is so often forgotten. Just because you have published a piece of work, doesn’t mean that the masses will automatically go out there and find it. The pain point you relieve or the question you answer will be relevant to your audience. It should be relevant to the people that are likely to buy from you. This is how a piece of content works effectively.

For example, if you have a business that provides removal services for others, then your potential customers will want to know things like –

  • How to choose the perfect removals company
  • How to pack your items safely
  • What mistakes to avoid when moving home

Answering these questions will generate an audience for you. What’s more, this audience will be relevant. They will be people who are moving home in the future and that need some advice on how to get it right. They land on your page, soak up your information an then, more often than not, will pick up the phone and ask you for a quote.

This is a brilliant way that ‘How does a piece of content work ?’ comes to life.

3. What if it doesn’t produce a quick result?

In the words of Bob Marley, don’t worry about a thing. Content doesn’t necessarily bring you immediate results. It can take time for Google to rank you, for your questions to be asked or for your credibility to increase. In the meantime, adding quality content will help on all of these counts.

Content can be a slow burner. It does many things for your business that you might not see from your end of things. The nature of your business can dictate the way that people interact with your content and how effective it is. A removals company are not needed every week, but when they are people go out there and do a lot of research. The content that answers the burning questions movers have will win out from the others that say how great they are and ask people to buy.

This is why shareable content wins out so often. If you have a friend, family member or work colleague who is moving soon and you come across some interesting content on the subject then you are likely to share it by email or over social media. The same goes for you content. Make it easy for people to share. It goes a long way to help you understand how does a piece of content work ?

How does a piece of content work ?

It helps people to understand their situation. An estate agent who guides sellers on how to stage their home for the best photographs and viewings gives away some of their knowledge and experience to those sellers. They become a better prospect to partner when selling a home. They stand head and shoulders above the other agents that don’t help. This can be done verbally, by a handout or on the internet. the advantage of the last one is that you encounter people earlier in the process – while they are researching who to choose as their agent.

How does a piece of content work ? is an interesting question and not one that you will ever know the full answer to. Needless to say, the right content marketed in the right places can have an impact on what you do and how you are seen by the pool of customers that might buy from you. And that is invaluable.

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