How do you solve a problem like content ?

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September 7, 2017
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September 26, 2017

It’s there all the time. It’s always in the background as you build your business. Content. The word is imprinted large on your brain. To get your website ranking well on the search engines, you need content. To connect to new customers, you need content. To cement the relationships you have with your existing customers, you need content. So, how do you solve a problem like content ? It isn’t always an easy question to answer.

Your website, if it’s like the majority of websites out there, is a pretty static thing. It will have the words you either wrote yourself or paid someone else to write and not a great deal else. Those words might have been written several years ago and might not still be totally relevant to your business at this moment in time. But they are there. How do you solve a problem like content ? Well, assessing your existing content is a good place to start. You may have a blog or a latest news section that doesn’t get a great deal of care and attention. Some of the people I work with hadn’t posted anything on their latest news for over 6 months when I started with them. Some for over 2 years. Some never.

Question everything

We go through our business life making decisions that we think are right at the time. Unless we have reason to look at them again, we never validate these decisions with analysis –

  • We have a website because every business has a website
  • We have a social media presence because it’s free and could bring us some business
  • We have links on Twitter to hundreds of others, because the numbers look good

But we don’t look back at all of these presences to make sure they actually work for our business. Not in earnest. What’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t bring you any business? Ask your customers where they found you. If they tell you they checked out your website before they contacted you then you have a basis to work on. If nobody knows it’s there, then you are wasting a potentially valuable resource.

SEO on the most basic level

There is a huge amount written about SEO, much of it useless. It is seen as some dark art that can’t be managed by anyone except a professional. There are ways of working the technical side, and people like my good friends at Boho Media that can work wonders for your website. I’ll not get too far into that. But from a content writer’s point of view, there are some easy steps to make your content work. How do you solve a problem like content ? Think about what you want to be found for on Google and the other search engines.

Example – If you are a plumber in Northampton then you want people to find you for the search term “plumber Northampton” and its derivatives such as –

  • Northampton plumber
  • Northampton plumbing
  • Plumbing Northampton
  • Fix leaking toilet Northampton

And more – I’m sure you get the idea. So, you must use these words on a single web page several times over. Start at the top – it needs to be in the title and probably another subheading. Then near the start of the article or page you should use it again. Then another one or two times should get you the right coverage. Don’t overdo it because you will end up with a page that Google thinks is spam and the text won’t be easy to read for your audience. How do you solve a problem like content ? Tell Google what you want to be found for.

How do you solve a problem like content ?

This is where your blog can come in really useful, or the latest news if that’s what you have instead. Think about all the search terms that might be relevant for your business. There might be scores of them. You can’t rightly cram them all into your home page on the website and have something that looks and feels great too. There are only a certain number of words that you will get away with on a web page (and I’m nearing my limit here, so we’re nearly done.)

You may have noticed the phrase ‘ how do you solve a problem like content ?’ used a few times in this piece. That’s the search term I’m optimising for this blog. If people search for this term then I hope they will find this article. It shows people how to build their simple content strategy to boost the effectiveness of their content. But it also shows people that I know what I’m talking about. If they are in the market for a content writer and read this, then they may hire me. So, these words help people to find me. It engages my audience. Think about how you can do that with your blog (it doesn’t have to be long) and check back to see if it lives up to expectations. Don’t have something as valuable as a website and do nothing with it. Check that it brings you business.

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