How do you get the best content ?

Will my content bring me business tomorrow ?
July 21, 2017
Content writing for your business
July 27, 2017

There is so much content out there, that it can be difficult to decide what you can achieve by adding to it. Maybe you think that the subject you want to write about has nothing new to be said. But that would be a rare thing indeed. There is a more pertinent question to be asked – How do you get the best content for your website, social media or other online resources? That is a great question and one that deserves and answer.

Your content is something that will help to deliver people to your website and let them know all about your business. They can then make that decision whether to buy from you or not. This means that the quality of the content matters. It is no good having loads of content, all working on SEO and nothing else. Because when people arrive at your site, they will probably switch off because they want their questions answered.

So think about who can write your content. This guide is geared towards business owners, but it works for anyone. There are a few options to the most relevant question in marketing today – How do you get the best content ?

Write it yourself

This is always an option. You know your business better than anyone else, so you should create the content that defines it, right? Wrong. There are several reasons not to create your own content. In the early days of a business, you might have time on your hands and a keen eye on costs. This gives you thee opportunity to create your own content. But as time goes by, you will want to spend our quality time with customers and allow someone else the opportunity to produce content that works.

If you don’t assign this to someone else then ‘ How do you get the best content ?’ becomes a question that you repeatedly struggle to answer. You get busy and your content drops down the ‘to do’ list. You stop producing content and your business profile can suffer. So who else could you give it to?

Someone else in your team

There is an option to get someone else in your business to do this for you. If you employ people, then they can spend some of their time producing content that safeguards their jobs – that isn’t too much to ask. But they may have the same time pressures as you. They may have been employed to fulfil one role and now you are asking them to do something completely different.

Think carefully about providing one of your team as the answer to how do you get the best content because it may end up being more of a problem than a solution. Your team all have specialist skills. Utilise them in the most efficient way by letting them stick to their specialisms and develop your business that way.

How do you get the best content ? – Hire a content writer

I am a content writer, so I would say that this is the answer. But if you look at the question, then you will see that I asked – How do you get the best content ? It wasn’t about how do you get it done cheaply, or without spending money. It was about what is best for your business. A professional content writer will look at what is important to your business and help you thrive. They will help to establish you as an authority in your field and engage your audience in what you are doing. This has a value far and above what you might get from just putting a few things together yourself. As part of my service, I will come to your North East place of business and talk about your content needs. Get in touch if you want to know where your content can take you in the future.

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