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May 10, 2017
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May 15, 2017

It is time for some peace and quiet. After a year of building my business up working on the dining room table, the bedroom and various coffee shops I have reached the point where I need some serenity to write. I have taken on so many clients and have so much work to do that it makes sense to take myself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and have somewhere to write. We live in a home with two garages, so it seemed like the natural move to convert one of these into an office space so I can work away without getting in the way of the kids playing their games console or my wife watching the television. It will be like going back out to work again but with a much shorter commute!

One of the times where this will make the biggest difference is during the school holidays. I still work through much of these so having access to a private workplace where I can shut the door and get on with it will make a massive difference to the whole family. The work is coming along nicely and will be ready in the next week or so. I can then get out there and write for hours on end without fear of interruption or getting under the feet of the rest of the family.

Writing is something that can be done when there are other things going on, but the best writing happen when there is time to think. This is done when there is little distraction or interruption. If you are writing for yourself or your business and find it a struggle then being in your office location surrounded by other people and distractions can be one of the reasons that you are not as productive as usual. Try going somewhere else to get this done. You could make notes on a piece of paper of type away on your phone – it doesn’t have to be in polished format first time. The first step on the journey is to get something written down – from there you can add to it and build it up to where you want it.

Writing often falls to the bottom of the ‘to do list’ because there are so many other things to do, especially in business. It is easy to put it off until the next day. But content is important for a business. It powers new customers and deepens your relationship with your existing ones. Think about getting some time set aside at least once a week to o some writing. It will make a difference when it becomes part of your routine. I set aside time every day to write things for myself. I either write for my website (as I am doing now) or for one of my blogs. This means that I know that it is all building week on week. Your writing will make big strides if you keep at it. We only get better by practicing something. If you want to talk this over then get in touch and we can look at a plan that will work for you.

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