Do you speak visual? Do you need to?

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May 23, 2018
Content marketing for network marketers
Content marketing for network marketers
June 21, 2018

In an age of video content, you may ask the question why your words still hold a relevance. The power of the visual is something that many people connect and engage with. I hear so many people who say to me –

“I just don’t read.”

“Why would I read a book over weeks when I can get the whole story in a 2-hour movie?”

“Video content is much easier to digest.”

Now, the fact that people, out there think like this shows you need some form of video content for your business. It is said that the average person has an 8 second attention span, so on that basis, why would you produce written content that takes ten minutes to read?

Well, written content needs to take this into account. This article is filled with short paragraphs. Putting paragraphs of 20 or more sentences together means people will just switch off. They will take one look and walk away.

What should you do?

Your written content should connect with people quickly and make our point in the shortest space of time possible. Use things such as bullet points, headlines and images to break it up and make it as easy as possible to digest the information you want to deliver.

So, to help your writing, always remember –

  1. Think about the point you want to make
  2. Make it
  3. Sign off

On that note, I’m signing off. See you soon.

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