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November 2, 2016
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Business can be tough. There are a lot of people out there that are looking to take your customers away from you. There are ways of differentiating your products or services to keep others at bay and retain your customers. You can look at special offers or price deals to make your offer more attractive. I am a blogger North East England and help businesses with all manner of content. I say that if you differentiate on something other than price you will reap the rewards.

So what can you done to attract and retain customers without fitting your bottom line?

Content can really help you to explain to your potential customers the quality of your offer. Using your content wisely will explain to your customers what they get for their money. There are different ways to communicate this.

Your website

The content on every page of your website is valuable. An average website has six pages and around 500 words per page. That gives you only 3,000 words to have a meaningful conversation with the people that matter most to your business. What you have to say on your website matters because-

  • It helps you on the Google rankings
  • It allows you to connect with potential customers
  • You can explain what you do
  • You can show the value that you offer
  • You can demonstrate the extra services that you offer

You website is a great tool to connect with customers and show why they should choose you – as long as it is written well. Differentiate on something other than price – push the quality of what you do.

Your blog

A blog allows you to break from the narrow confines of the other marketing you do. It allows you to express the personality of your company and how that matches the personality of your customers. People buy from people that they like so use your blog to show off the personality of your business and you can connect in a more meaningful way with people. As I professional blogger North East I help people to establish a presence with their words.

A blog is also the outlet you use to alert people to the reason you charge what you charge. Although you don’t mention money in a blog you will mention the quality of your work, the innovation in your services and/or the great products that your current customers just love. From there your potential customers will understand why they should select you.

Your social media timeline

This is an overlooked resource for small business. Your social media presence should be about far more than just gaining a few likes for the company. It is a platform to have a meaningful conversation with your audience – so don’t waste it. Everything you write on your social media timelines should be considered and planned out. You need to keep a consistent message and presence over all your platforms (including your website and your blog) so that you keep your customers engaged and interested.

Differentiate on something other than price

If you don’t have time to write your own content or would just like a professional to help you with a plan then please get in touch. I write blogs, web copy and content for all other aspects of business. When you differentiate on something other than price people connect with what you have to say.

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