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April 24, 2017
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April 29, 2017

I have been writing a book over the last six months or so. I have written and published ten books before this one, but they have all been non-fiction about subjects I know. This new book is my first novel and I am really pleases with the way it has developed. Being someone that spends a lot of time writing for other people, it can be difficult to find the time and the creativity to write for myself. Over the course of the last six months I have managed to squeeze in the writing of the book, as well as all the other parts that go into writing a novel. It isn’t simply a case of getting down the words. They have to look and feel like your original idea and that is where the editing process comes in. Editing takes about as long as writing a book as there may be places that you have repeated yourself or areas that you want to extend or even change completely. The process is very demanding but worthwhile in the end. The novel is David’s Goliath by Steven Thompson and I am very proud of it.

Writing for myself as well as others

As a writer, as with any other profession, you need to manage your time. I love helping others with their content, but I also want to keep up my writing. I have a series of blogs on a wide range of topics as well as writing in places such as this website. I want to help as many people as possible with their content, but keep up my side of things too.

As a writer I try to balance the work so I spend around 25% if my time still writing for myself. It keeps the work I do for other people fresh and interesting too. The way to get the most from writing is to try different things, research and read too. In fact, the main character in my novel repeats the mantra to himself “you have to read to write” over and over again. It helps him to focus. I must admit that there is at least a little bit of me in the novel. This is how I was able to produce David’s Goliath by Steven Thompson while working for others.

An excerpt from the novel – David’s Goliath by Steven Thompson

Here is a short excerpt from the novel to give you an idea of the style.

David moved forward along the plane towards the seat that he was going to be relocated to. He felt a lump grow in his throat. Although he has decided that conversation was the best way to pass the flight he was also a little apprehensive about actually starting it. Once things got into full flow he was fine, but it was the introductions and the small talk that he dreaded. It was like this with all the mundane social situations of David’s life. He hated visiting the hairdressers or the dentist because there was always that little bit at the start that required some small talk. At least at the dentists this small talk was something that was very short-lived. As soon as the dentists started probing around in his mouth, David was happy. This was because he knew this was the point that he could cut the small talk. He could move on to grunting noises to indicate pain or to answer a yes/no question with a grunt that sounded positive or negative. The hairdresser was another prospect altogether. It was 5 minutes of pure agony as he had to answer questions about his next holiday, his last haircut and other subjects that didn’t really interest him. If the hairdresser had come straight out with a question like “What do you think is the solution to all the troubles in Syria?” or “Who do you think will win the FA Cup?” then David would be in his element. The small talk just got in the way of a really interesting conversation. Well, a really interesting one for David at any rate. He wanted to cut to the chase in every situation in life. Get in there, deal with whatever needed his attention and leave. The niceties were for others. He meant business, especially if he could reach out and touch it.

It is available now from the Amazon store in paperback or Kindle edition. The book is called David’s Goliath: If you found a book that told the story of your life, would you read on?David’s Goliath by Steven Thompson is a great read – I encourage you to try it.

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