Copywriter Job Description

The Copywriting Skills You Need
The Copywriting Skills You Need
February 26, 2019
Copywriting Tips
Copywriting Tips
March 12, 2019
Copywriter Job Description

If you are looking to become a copywriter then you will need to know what you do every day. A copywriter job description would come in really handy here. So, let’s take a look at what you might be doing when copywriting for a living. Whether you do this as a self-employed person or working for someone else, this is broadly what your copywriter job description will look like.

Copywriter Job Description: Research

The first step on the road is carrying out the research you need you write. If you are writing for a client, then you need to know what that client is all about. There are three main areas you work on here –

  1. Current (what they are doing now)
  2. Competition (what their rivals are doing)
  3. Customers (what their clients want to hear)

Knowing what a client is currently writing will give you their voice. If they already have content out there, then your words will need to fit. The competition will give you a great idea of what is already working for others. Researching their customers will allow you to write to their needs. For example, a utility company should talk to their customers about great prices and exceptional service. Your copywriter job description will include research as an integral part of the day.

Copywriter Job Description

Copywriter Job Description: SEO

It’s that three letter term that can transform the words on the page from something good to read into something that works on search engines. SEO is a vital part of the copywriter job description in the current day. If you don’t understand SEO then you should start now. Getting on the ball with SEO could be seen as part of the research part of he copywriter job description as above, but we think it deserves its own slot.

SEO makes the internet go around. If you understand the search terms that you should be hitting then you are one step on the right path. You then need to write in a way that the search engines understand. Basically you tell Google what you do and where you do it. So, if you are writing for a florist in Nottingham, then you should include the words –

Florist Nottingham

This should be in the title, the main text a couple of times, a subheading and then maybe in the alt text for an image or two. This will help you be noticed by the search engines like Google. Let’s now take a look at the next thing on the list of tasks in a copywriter job description.

Copywriter Job Description: Writing

As you would expect, actually putting words on the page in the core of what you might do as a copywriter. If you can’t do this with some style and speed then you might as well pack up and do something else instead. A copywriter job description without the writing just doesn’t fly.

Writing is going to take up a big chunk of your day. I would suggest you do a few things here to get the most from it –

  • Measure the words you write to see how productive you are
  • Look to increase your productivity
  • Look to improve quality as well as quantity

Writing will in itself help you to become a better writer. Spending time writing is natural training to improve what you do.

Copywriter Job Description

Copywriter Job Description: Editing

Call it editing, proofreading or what you like. This is a vital part of a copywriter’s job description. Once you have written the words on the page, it is a good idea to check them for accuracy and to make sure they serve the purpose you intended. Being able to write is one thing. Having the ability to sit back and assess the writing to see if it suits is something else altogether.

Work hard on this. If you become an expert in checking what you do, then you get better at all the other things above. Your research becomes more accurate, your writing is better and your knowledge of SEO improves too.

The only other thing that comes to mind is to smile! There are many, many people out there that would love to write for a living. Let’s just say you’re living the dream. If you keep on smiling then the whole world smiles with you. This should be part of copywriter job description as far as I’m concerned. If you have any questions about copywriting then drop me a line.

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