Content writing for your business

How do you get the best content ?
July 24, 2017
So, what is this content marketing thing ?
August 1, 2017

Content writing for your business is incredibly important. There is no point going any further until we have that fact locked down. Your potential customers want to know what you are all about – so you have to tell them. The content that your business produces will take all manner of forms –

  • Your website
  • Your blog
  • Your social media feed
  • Reviews about your business
  • Comments online that mention you

You have no say in what others write about you, except to offer a top-notch service all the time and hope that they write nice things. But what you write about yourself makes a big difference to they way you engage with your audience. Content writing for your business helps people to understand what you are all about. If someone is making a choice between you and a rival, then they will look at your website and decide who might be the best fit for them. This isn’t often about price or how long you have been doing this. It is more about whether you share the same values and you come across as someone who knows what they are talking about.

How to convince people that you know your stuff

In some ways this can be difficult. Some businesses are best explained face to face or by way of more visual means, but the words are still very important even for these businesses. If you want to get people to that face to face interaction then you have to be persuasive with your words to prompt that.

You should think about what your customers want to hear when content writing for your business so they feel like you understand them This doesn’t mean ‘just tell them what they want,’ but think about what is important to them –

  • Customers have pinch points or pain points that they want someone to take away
  • Customers need a solution to a problem that they are facing
  • Customers want something to make their life easier
  • Customers want a solution that will generate them more money

Your products or services will appeal to people because of needs and wants like these, rather than because you say that you are great, or that you have 20 years experience. Think about what your customers tell you is important. If you don’t know, then go out there and ask them. You can even find someone else to go out there and ask the questions for you.

Just find out what is important to the people that you want to sell to.

Content writing for your business

This has become a vital part of you marketing toolbox. Your content helps people to see you in the way you see yourself. Every business has ideals and a passion. Let people see this through your content and they will dig you. The modern consumer wants a provider yo share the same principles and passions. If you don’t let people know then someone else in your marketplace will and you run the risk of losing your customers.

If you are unsure about how to build your content then get in touch. I offer a service where we can work out what is important and build a content plan for you. Content writing for your business becomes easier when you know where to start.

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