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August 7, 2017
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August 11, 2017

One area of business where I can see content having a massive impact is with estate agents. Content writing for estate agents can change the relationship they have with their customers. At the moment they are all about the sell, and if you are not buying you are seen as no use to an estate agent. Estate agents would love to escape from the high fees that Rightmove charge now and On The Market will in the future. This isn’t the way to cultivate lasting relationships that will generate income in the future. an estate agent needs to think about the connections they make with others. Marketing as an estate agent is very scattergun

  • You advertise to everyone and hope that some of that market are looking to sell their home
  • Then you hope that some of that segment like what you have to say
  • Then you hope that some of those invite you for a market appraisal
  • Then if you are 1 of 3 (the standard ratio) you hope that you are chosen

By narrowing the numbers you might have gone from an expensive newspaper advert or postcard drop to meeting a handful of people – and doing business with approximately a third of that. But estate agent continue to sell. Whether it is in these traditional expensive methods, or through social media, the message is always the same –

Buy this house.

People want to hear far more than that. Content writing for estate agents can provide some answers.

Building a relationship

So what if you could build a relationship with potential buyers and vendors months or even years in advance? What if you were the first name on everyone’s list when they wanted to buy or sell a property? It would change the way that you as an estate agent did business. And it is within your reach. Content writing for estate agents can empower this.

A savvy estate agent will see the value in building their website as a hub for people who have questions about buying or selling a property. this hub could include all manner of resources, such as –

  • Tips on how to stage your property for the best chance of selling for the highest price
  • Help on how to choose the right estate agent for you
  • Secrets that estate agents don’t usually tell the public
  • Free downloads on what to look for when buying a home

And all of this will help to establish you as the expert in your area on property. people will come to you with questions – you can add a forum or an ‘ask the expert’ area so people involved in the homebuying and selling process know what they are doing.

This can appear in different formats –

  • Videos
  • Manuals
  • Blogs
  • Ebooks

And many more. All of this together as content writing for estate agents will change the relationship you have with your customers and (more importantly) your potential customers. Imagine people telling others how great you were when they sold their home with you. It doesn’t happen often enough in this country. Estate agents have a bad name. Content writing for estate agents can help to turn this around for your business.

The relationships you build now might not bring you a new vendor instruction tomorrow. But for a vendor who is researching online how they can sell their home for the best price will come to you if they find what you offer helpful and insightful.

Content writing for estate agents

I have worked extensively in estate agency and in mortgages before I became a content writer. I understand the business and I am here to help. If you can see a future where your content drives potential clients to your door then get in touch. I am here to discuss your needs and help you put a content plan together. I write content for estate agents from my experience in both fields. It can transform the way that you generate new business in the future.

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