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January 15, 2019
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Content Writing For Blogs

If you are looking for something that powers your website then a blog is probably one of the things that should be near the top of your list. Content writing for blogs will help you to stay sharp, let Google and the other search engines know you are current and attract new visitors. Once you have got all the content for your web pages sorted, content writing for blogs should be the next thing you do.

But, what is content writing for blogs and how does it differ?

Great question! The differences aren’t actually that subtle. The words for your website show what you do and where you do it. Content writing for blogs takes a lot more into account.

Content Writing For Blogs: What Does It Mean?

Let’s take two examples from this site. The main page on the site tells people what I do. It talks about content writing North East and helps people to find me via Google. This is a tough search term with a lot of competition, but there I sit high in the rankings on page 1 of the results.

The blog you are reading now is designed to work on the search term ‘content writing for blogs.’ For this, I use the term a few times during the text, at least once early on and then again in a headline or two. It is quite a simple formula that is set up to help people find the most relevant information when they do a Google search.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what content writing for blogs is set up to do, let’s explore why you would actually do that.

Content Writing For Blogs and results

Why Content Writing For Blogs?

There could be a few reasons that you embrace content writing for blogs as part of your wider content strategy. And we will take a look at these right now –

  • Multiple search terms. This is a classic. I am a content writer, a copywriter, a blog writer, a web page writer and many other things in between. If all of my content just focuses on the search term ‘content writer North East’ then I will struggle to attract people who search for my service in any other way.
  • Questions are the answers. People don’t just search for a solution online. They might ask a question. And you should answer this question because that might lead to business -m or even better, it might lead to you helping someone to find the solution themselves. Creating trusting relationships with potential buyers is crucial to an effective content marketing strategy.
  • There isn’t enough room elsewhere. Websites are becoming more and more complicated all the time. When people hit your site and want to find out what you do, it pays to make it as specific as possible. Having blog content that talks about all of the things you do is far more effective than trying to cram all of this on regular web pages. Add a search facility and ensure people can find exactly what they want from you.

And all of these are great reasons why content writing for blogs can be really effective for your site. Really the killer reason is to please the search engines. If you have relevant, engaging and up to date content then your site can rank for multiple search terms and drive traffic to your door.

Content Writing For Blogs and you

Content Writing For Blogs And You

With all of this in mind, you should do your best to get regular and relevant content out there into the world that is the internet. The norm is a blog once per week, but something that happens once per fortnight or once per month is still valid and obviously far more effective than infrequently or never.

Content writing for blogs should become part of your regular marketing activity. Plan to build it into what you do for your business. The way that a blog shapes your company profile online is great. It supports all of your other activity – and vice versa. Use social media accounts, if you have them, to promote the blog and engage a new audience. The more relevant people you drive to your site the better.

If you are unsure about what search terms to aim for the a simple Google search will help you to establish what others are already looking for. Type in what you do and then look at the ending that Google suggests. Many of these will be the next things you should write about.

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