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March 8, 2017
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March 20, 2017

If you want to write content then you will need certain skills. Whether it is content for yourself, or you want to write for others as a job, then you need to be able to perform certain functions.  The skills of a successful content writer are important to know. As a Durham content writer I am often asked by others what skills they will need to write successful content. All of these are skills that can be learned, but they will really help your content to stand out.

The ability to write in different styles

Everything you write needs to fit a certain style. The business letters you send will read very differently from the tweets you put out there. For this reason, a content writer needs to understand the styles involved and be able to switch from one to another easily. If you want to write for others then you may be writing a social media piece for a tea company one minute and then a proposal for an important tender the next. You ability to switch styles successfully will be a valuable skill if you are writing content. The skills of a successful content writer are wide-ranging.

Planning your content is vital

You don’t just sit down in front of a computer screen and find that the words flow. This is rarely the case, even with the most established of content writers. If you write for yourself then you may be able to reel off some words that make sense, but you need to ask yourself if they achieve what you have set out. The most successful content writers do their research and plan their message. This means that they have their goal in mind with every word and every sentence. This helps to craft something that people want to read. This is a vital cog in the machine – the skills of a successful content writer should include planning ahead.

A quality writer is always looking for new ideas, new inspiration and new challenges. I suggest that even if you make a living from writing content for others, you still write for yourself too. It keeps your writing fresh and makes it all more enjoyable.

Originality is key

Aside from the fact that plagiarising whole texts will do your website no good at all, the best writers always add something original – even if it is written on a topic that others have already explored many time in the past. Your insight and originality are what makes you unique. Let them shine through in your writing to set you apart from the rest. If you write for yourself then this will boost your audience. If you write for others then it will keep your clients happy. Either way it is a far more interesting way of writing.

The skills of a successful content writer

If you want to talk abut content or see how you can become a content writer then just get in touch. I love to hear from people. If you are a local business that needs help with your content then I can come to see you and we can work out what will be best for you.

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