Content marketing for network marketers

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May 31, 2018
content marketing for charities
Content marketing for charities
June 28, 2018
Content marketing for network marketers

Network marketing is a great way for people to generate an income working in their own time around their commitments. A large part of the way network marketing functions is to maintain a consistent presence in the eyes, hearts and minds of others so they can see the benefits of this profession. One of the key areas to focus on is content marketing for network marketers to add power to the business.

For those that are not already familiar, network marketing is –

A direct selling method where independent agents distribute goods and/or services and are incentivised to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and supporting other independent agents.

That’s quite a long-winded definition, inspired by Business Dictionary but I think it sums it up well. You do two things –

  1. Sell what the company has to offer
  2. Find others to sell as well

Content marketing for network marketers - what is it?

The power for the dedicated business owner is that they can generate large sums of income from their ‘team’ while the team earn as well. The more quality people you recruit, the more you earn.

So, how do you find people?

Well, that’s where…

Content marketing for network marketers

…comes in!

Getting quality content out there on a regular basis, where you can connect with the right prospects is vital. Much of this is carried out via social media and your own website, which is usually part of the package when you sign up. But, just putting something, anything out there doesn’t do your network marketing business any good. The key to content marketing for network marketers is to deliver something that people want or need to hear.

That’s pretty much a hard and fast rule for all content. If you want to engage with people then you need to give them something to engage with.

Content marketing for network marketers - be visible

Here are my top tips when delivering content marketing for network marketers –

  1. Don’t sell – explain what you do
  2. Show the hard work that goes with the lifestyle
  3. Don’t persuade people – if they need persuading to join your team then they will also need persuading to do the work
  4. Think outside the box and offer something they can’t get elsewhere
  5. Remember your existing team alongside recruiting new people
  6. Short and sweet wins the day

Good luck! Remember to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your strategy when it comes to content marketing for network marketers today.

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