Content marketing for charities

Content marketing for network marketers
Content marketing for network marketers
June 21, 2018
Think about the audience before you write a word
Think about the audience before you write a word
July 4, 2018
content marketing for charities

There are many reasons why a business or organisation would use content marketing to boost their online presence. It helps people to understand what they do. And a registered charity could do a lot worse than use content to make those vital connections with those they want to receive support from. Content marketing for charities is a useful way to develop and look for new sources of income.

People who show an interest in a charity want to know what is going on in the charity. It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase what you do and highlight the special stories that make your charity special and a worthwhile cause to support. Content marketing for charities is about giving that something back.

Of course, a charity doesn’t have a huge budget to spend on content. Many of the people who work in a charity are volunteers. Content marketing for charities can feel like a difficult ask at times.

content marketing for charities - what does it mean?

A plan when content marketing for charities

That’s where a charity needs to box clever. Having some form of content marketing strategy or plan will set you on the road to success. It is far more beneficial than trying to roll with it and come up with solutions on the hoof. Here are a few ideas on how to get a strategy together that works –

  • Don’t hang around. Get your strategy written and start publishing content quickly. Content marketing for charities is all about making connections. They don’t happen if you don’t publish content.
  • People want to hear your stories. It is the personal stories that make the connection with potential donors. Think about the way that Comic Relief use stories to persuade people to part with their money.
  • Capture your audience. This is rule number one when writing. And it is vitally important when content marketing for charities in the digital arena. Where this audience hangs out identifies the channels you will use.
  • Put a calendar together in advance. Too many content marketers miss out on vital events or connections because they haven’t got organised. Look at all the relevant events for your business and make sure you plan in advance when you are going to feature them – before and after it has happened to maximise the audience.
  • Get the team involved. There will be a number of people involved in your charity that can play a role in the content marketing. Get them to write a few words, suggest topics and share the content that is produced.
  • Call to action is vital. If people like what they read then they will be more likely to donate their time or money. This is the perfect place to ask for that. Every piece of content should have a call to action at the end that prompts the reader to get involved with you. Think about what that should be and include it.

Content marketing for charities is a great way to boost what you do and make those connections. It looks like it might take time, but it doesn’t have to if you have the right strategy and implement it correctly. Get in touch if you want to discuss this at more length.

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