Content is part of the Holland & Barrett success story

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August 1, 2017
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August 7, 2017

With the UK High Street under increasing levels of stress from online and out of town retailers, there are always a few companies that buck the trend. They get attention from consumers and then this turns into sales and a whole load more attention from the stock market or investors. The latest is Holland & Barrett. It has been bought by a Russian billionaire that sees a very bright future for the chain. But would you be surprised to hear that content is part of the Holland & Barrett success story today? I’m sure many would.

What do H&B do?

The chain occupies a place in the market that nobody else can really manage. The likes of Boots, Superdrug and the supermarkets have seen the potential of the ‘wellness’ market but don’t really have the space, resources or expertise to pull it off. Holland & Barrett does it perfectly.

They mix three in-store ingredients to get the right foothold with their customers –

  1. A wide range of products that help people through all manner of ailments
  2. Trained knowledgeable staff that can help you decide what you need
  3. Solid promotions and offers that catch the eye

All of this is delivered in a slick way to people that want or need some support in their life. They cater for the young that want some extra energy, the old that might need some support with their joints for example and everyone in between. Step into your local H&B and you will find people from across the spectrum that want to loo after their health or deal with a particular ailment. But content plays an important role in how they get there.

Content is part of the Holland & Barrett success story

People don’t naturally know about the benefits of acai or what a goji berry can do to their insides. They don’t have this knowledge passed down through the generations or accessible in many places apart from online sources that may or not be safe. Holland & Barrett helps people to understand all of this through their content, such as –

  • Click on a product on their website and find out what it can do and how it can help. It is written in a short and succinct way that is easy to understand.
  • Click the menu on their website and find out all the different categories like stress, sleep management and vision support. From there you can see the potential remedies.
  • Speak to a team member in store. You will be amazed at their knowledge. This is all content. it doesn’t have to be written down. Spoken content is just as valuable.
  • They give a free magazine to their members every quarter in store. This is filled with topical advice that will help the reader to understand what issues they might be facing and how to treat them.

None of this is done is a sales-y way. They offer quality information that helps people feel better about themselves. Holland & Barrett are growing because they show people that they care. Content is part of the Holland & Barrett success story because it strengthens their bond with their customers.

If you want to develop this bond, then content can be a keen ally. You don’t need to have the sae budget as a big High Street player like Holland & Barrett. You just need to know what your customers are looking for.

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